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Term Definition
Observations or measurements made that apply to an area of the the marketing system.
Data Editing
During the process of data editing, the data collection instruments are tested to ensure that the  maximum accuracy in terms of results has been attained. Checks are made on legibility, consistency and completeness and above all the process aims to avoid abiguity. 
Data Processing
Data processing is the inputting of data into a database format. Once in this format, data can be tabulated and conclusions drawn as to the results of the market research findings.
Data Sources
There are four main sources of marketing data. These are respondents,  analogous situations, experimentation and secondary data. For more information on any of these sources, see glossary definitions.
Depth Research
A term which is used to describe a multitude of data-collection techniques and procedures although it is usually used in qualitaitive research with individuals.
Desk Research
This is a research technique which involves the market researcher collating and drawing together secondary sources of information. These secondary sources can serve as complimentary to primary sources or can be collated to form part of a larger unrelated project.
Diary Methodology
Diary methodology is a procedure which is used to compile consumer purchase data or media habits. During this procedure, respondents will be required to complete a written report which details their behaviour over a certain period.
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