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Term Definition
Geographics refers to any of the various methods used to sub-divide a list based upon geographic or political boundries.
General Insurance Market Research Association
A special interest group within AURA (more info)
Grid Test
This is a method where in which to variables can be tested for data at any one time.
Group Discussions (aka Focus Groups)
In a focus group, respondents (normally between 8-10 people) are gathered together in order to gauge their responses to specific stimuli. Groups are guided by a research moderator who often uses a topic guide to control the discussion to ensure it meets the initial research objectives. The data generated is probably most applicable to exploratory work. The technique falls under the broad category of qualitative research.
Group Dynamics
Group dynamics refer to the ways in which people interact and relate to one-another in a group situation. A successful moderator will be able to manage these dynamics to produce a relevent and informative discussion by employing a variety of different techniques which obviously involves leading the conversation away from trivial subjects when needed.
Growth Rate
Usually measured as a percentage, growth rate records the changing size of a population by plotting the change from a specific point in time. It is calculated by dividing the total increase/decrease in population during a set period by the average population during that period.


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