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Term Definition
A panel is a long-standing sample that is retained by a market research agency from which data can be attained. It is most useful for continuous research whereby the same set of respondents are used on a continuous basis over time.
Performance-Monitoring Research
Once a marketing plan has been implemented, performance monitoring research simply monitors the progress of the plan. It ensures that the progress of the programme is as planned as a deviation from the initial projected route can lead to the plan being carried out improperly or the results pattern inexplicably changing.
Pie Chart
A circle which is divided into segments which vary in size relating to the value which they represent.
Postal Research
Postal research is carried out by sending questionnaires or journals, which are to be completed and returned, through the post. It is perhaps the most traditional form of data collection. The main drawback with postal research is response rates - it is difficult to achieve a high response rate.
Projective Technique
These are used by moderators or research interviewers. They are used in interview situations when the interviewer will use the projective technique to enable the respondent to distance themselves from their personal views. It enables the researcher to obtain 'the real views' that perhaps wouldn't be revealed without using the interview technique.


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