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Term Definition
Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is in-depth research performed on a small scale to provide detailed in depth results and data. Qualitative research can be performed over the phone, via group discussions or through one-to-one interviews. Discussions are normally aided by using a 'topic guide' - this outlines the basic structure of the interview/group and indicates the general direction in which the interview/group should be led. Questions are of open nature as opposed to closed questions which are used in quantitative research. (See FAQ insert)

Quantitative Research

Quantitative research is performed on a far larger scale compared with qualitative research (in terms of the sample size) and helps to provide accurate statistical data from which conclusions can be drawn. Questions tend to be closed as opposed to open. (See FAQ insert)

This contains a group of questions and is used as an investigative market research tool in order to gain information from a respondent. It is used mainly in quantitative research. Questionnaires normally contain closed questions but open questions can also be included.
Quota Sample
A quota sample is one which has been selected to represent the population, sometimes incorporating certain control characteristics.


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