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Term Definition
When a sample is too small to use a Z -test to analyse the results, a T-test is used to analyse a single mean value.
Tabulation is simply placing the results and data obtained from research into data tables. (See cross tabulation)
Target Population
The basic term for the population that is being studied.
Test Market
A test market is used as a trial market for a new product or service.
Time series analysis
During this form of analysis, data is recorded at set intervals in time.
Topic Guide
A topic guide is a brief guide which is used by a researcher in qualitative research interviews or groups discussions. It enables the interview to retain relevance and ensures that the project meets the initial research objectives.

Tracking refers to studies that monitor consumer behaviour towards a product, brand or service over a period of time and is carried out over a longer timescale than ad-hoc research. (See FAQ insert)

Trimmed Mean
The trimmed mean is obtained by taking a percentage of the high and the low levels of data and then finding the mean.
Two Way Focus Groups
This is where one focus group observes another and then discusses what they have taken from the observation.


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