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Library of Research Articles

Welcome To Our Library of Market Research Articles 

This section of the portal contains a number of market research articles written by professionals within the industry. Simply click on the subject that you are interested in and then browse the relevant articles. We hope you find them interesting.

If you have an article(s) of your own (it can be anything to do with market research) please feel free to submit it to us. You can get in touch by clicking here.

Submitting articles will help MRW to build a useful free resource. In addition, it will also help your company. MRW currently has 3,000+ different users visiting the site on a daily basis - through your article you will gain exposure and we will also add your company details to our contributors section

If you require further information related to market research, then how about posting your question on our market research forum? It is very easy to use, it can be accessed by clicking here: forum - all you need to do is select your topic area and then click on post new topic. You will be asked for your email address but this will not appear on the site and will not be passed onto anyone else.

Thanks goes to all the authors within this section, including DJS Research Ltd: Market Research Company who help us on a continuous basis. 

  • Advertising Research  ( 15 items )
    Articles that specifically relate to advertising market research.  
  • Branding Research  ( 12 items )
    Articles that discuss branding and in particular how market research can help you to understand brand energy.
  • Business-To-Business Market Research  ( 4 items )
    Articles that cover business-to-business research and how it differs from consumer research. 
  • Charity and Voluntary Research  ( 2 items )
    Research articles related to the charity and voluntary sector.
  • Commissioning Research  ( 4 items )
    If you are research buyer or client these articles will be of interest. They cover how to write a research brief and things to consider when selecting a research agency.
  • Consumer Research  ( 5 items )
    Articles that discuss Consumer Research and Insights,and Research Performance plus more
  • Customer Satisfaction Research  ( 6 items )
    If you want to learn about conducting customer satisfaction research this is the place to look. 
  • Data Analysis Software  ( 5 items )
    Articles that discuss the use of software packages for analysing research data.
  • Designing and Conducting Research  ( 12 items )
    The articles in this section give various advice in relation to producing research tools; whether it be designing a questionnaire, topic guide or other research instrument.   
  • Desk Research  ( 1 items )
    Desk Research is often described as the "forgotten art within market research". It is something that researchers should undertake on all projects. The articles here will assist with the process.
  • Employee Research  ( 12 items )
    Parmount to all companies are employees. Keeping them happy, loyal and motivated is a must. The articles in this section illustrate the benefits of employee research and how a successful programme can be implemented.
  • Industrial Research  ( 6 items )
    Articles that relate to industrial research.
  • Marketing  ( 14 items )
    These articles relate specifically to marketing - how it can be conducted and the advantages and disadvantages of each methodology.
  • Market Research Careers  ( 7 items )
    Articles that relate to specific jobs in market research.
  • Media Research  ( 11 items )
    If you are interested in the media and specifically media research you will find this section interesting.  
  • Mobile Research  ( 1 items )
    Articles that specifically relate to mobile market research.
  • Mystery Shopping  ( 1 items )
    With so many similar products be offered by different companies, "service" has become paramount. After a company understands what a customer expects (customer satisfaction research), it then needs to measure whether this service is being delivered, hence Mystery Shopping. The articles here cover the technique.  
  • Online Internet Marketing  ( 15 items )
    Covers many key areas in relation to online marketing these include pay per click advertising, direct and viral email marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimisation and link building.
  • Online Research  ( 15 items )
    The future of research? Various articles here cover online research.  
  • Pricing Research  ( 2 items )
    Information about conducting pricing research.
  • Quantitative Research  ( 3 items )
    Information that relates to quantitative research.
  • Qualitative Research  ( 17 items )
    Various articles to do with qualitative research.
  • Social Networking  ( 1 items )
    Articles that relate to Social Networking
  • Segmentation  ( 2 items )
    Articles that relate to segmentation analysis.


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