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Why take 4 cleaners into the kitchen? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Euromonitor International   
15 Dec 2006

Why take 4 cleaners into the kitchen? by Euromonitor International

Power cleaners and a range of new formulations aim to help multi-purpose cleaners increase their lead over task specific variants.

According to new research from Euromonitor International, sales of surface cleaning products in the UK have grown by nearly 30% over the last five years and in 2005, generated over GB£450 million. Much of this growth has come from multi purpose cleaners (MPCs) as the British flirtation with task specific cleaners fades.

Master of all trades

Customers are increasingly looking to consolidate their surface cleaning products into one multi purpose purchase. Multi-functionality is now the driving force behind the household cleaning products market, due to pressure on storage space, and improved product performance. MPCs generate more than 30% of all UK surface care revenue and, in 2005, sales grew by more than 9%. Conversely, combined sales of all of the various task specific cleaners fell by 0.2%.

The UK market is currently dominated by three brands Flash, Cillit Bang and Cif, which together account for 63% of the market. These brands have grown the category through the introduction of more powerful, and therefore convenient, formulas. Manufacturers have also been able to add a price premium for these 'power' cleaners, thereby aiding value growth.

Further, manufacturers have introduced new variants, such as gels and foams to satisfy consumers' desire for new formulations. To meet this demand Limelite, Henkel's new range of MPCs, features not only the traditional formulations but also wipes.

Innovation essential for continued growth

Continuous innovation is the key to gaining market share, as the sector is notorious for a lack of customer loyalty, with consumers opting for the product which promises the best results.

However, while the surface care segment is expected to decline in value terms over the period 2005-10 by 0.5% in constant terms, innovation in the multi-purpose cleaner sub-segment is expected to grow the market by 10.5% during the same period; the highest level of growth of all the surface care segments.

Although the popularity of household wipes is in decline in Europe, the sector could be reinvigorated by the introduction of bio-degradable wipes, overcoming many consumers' environmental concerns. A further innovation to boost growth could be the introduction of scented solutions, which is something that is yet to be applied to surface cleaners.

For further detail about this article and other related findings, please visit  Euromonitor International by clicking here.

Last Updated ( 08 Jan 2007 )
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