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New Year Resolutions For 2007 PDF Print E-mail
Written by ACNielsen   
02 Jan 2007

Exercise and healthier life balance top global New Year’s resolutions for 2007.

Fifty-six percent of people around the world will be making a New Year’s resolution for 2007, and getting more exercise and achieving a healthier work and life balance both top New Year’s resolutions lists in every region of the world, according to a recent ACNielsen global online survey of more than 22,000 consumers in 46 countries.

Among those who will be making a New Year’s resolution, 62 percent are pledging to exercise more in the New Year and 51 percent are aiming for a better work and life balance.

“The start of a new year is the time when people are most likely to reflect on their lifestyle and assess what changes they want to make in the year ahead,” said Patrick Dodd, President, ACNielsen Europe.  The global ‘health and wellness’ trend that began a few years ago has become apart of consumers’ lifestyles in nearly every part of the world.

“In the last couple of years, consumers have realized that a healthy lifestyle is not about the latest celebrity diet or trendy exercise fads -  but is simply about having a balanced diet and lifestyle. In many countries, 2006 was the year that ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ moved into the mainstream and this trend is likely to gain momentum in the year ahead,” he predicts.

And for food manufacturers, supermarkets and even restaurants - being in the ‘healthy’ business means a wealthy business too,” Dodd added.

Most likely to make New Year’s resolutions are Asian consumers -  but while 65 percent say they will be making one, only 39 percent admit they expect to stick to it.    In Europe, 78% of Italians say they will be making a New Year’s resolution – the highest number in Europe.

Filippinos, Australians and Singaporean consumers are most commited to exercising more in the New Year (over 70%), while over 80 percent of consumers in the emerging ‘dragon’ economies of Vietnam and Indonesia hope to achieve a better work and life balance in 2007.

Sixty percent of North Americans who make a New Year’s resolution also plan to exercise more in 2007, while one in three US consumers plan to get a better work and life balance - as well as go on a diet!

In Europe, Norwegian consumers are making the healthiest New Year’s resolutions in the region, with 71% planning to do more exercise and 49% planning to go on a diet.

Also looking to rehaul their eating habits and diet are Malaysians – 52% will start a diet in the New Year, along with 40% of British and Italians – who might be planning to diet in anticipation of overindulging over their Christmas feast and New Year celebrations.

Globally one in five (19%) of smokers say they will try and cut down or quit smoking, only 8% of consumers globally are planning to cut down or quit consuming alcohol. 

One in five consumer globally also say they will also try to ‘avoid disastrous relationships’ in 2007. In Asia, 50% of Vietnamese consumers say they will try and avoid disastrous relationships in the coming year, along with one in four Chinese, Russians, Germans and Austrians.

Nineteen percent of global consumers say they also plan to change jobs in 2007 – including one out of four consumers in Hong Kong, South Korea and Germany.




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