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Who eats the most fast food? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Euromonitor International   
10 Aug 2006

Who eats the most fast food? by Euromonitor International

Americans eat the most fast food, but the Japanese spend the most on take-aways, according to new research from Euromonitor International.

Per capita consumption of fast food was led by the US at $566 in 2005, followed by Canada, the UK and Australia with $456, $390 and $363 respectively, according the latest research from Euromonitor International. This high level of per capita consumption demonstrates the importance of fast food as a lifestyle in these countries. Surprisingly, South Korea has a higher per capita consumption than several relatively wealthy European countries, namely Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Sweden, with $239 spent on fast food in 2005.

Burgers dominate the US fast food industry, with burger fast food taking more than half of total fast food expenditure. Per capita consumption of burger fast food was $284 in 2005, almost double that of the second country – Canada. In the UK, by contrast, the proportion of fast food expenditure accounted for by burgers was less than a quarter.

Japanese spend the most on take-aways
Euromonitor International's research shows that Japan recorded the largest per capita expenditure on home delivery/take away in 2005 at $198. The UK is the second largest consumer of home delivery/take away food, with $141 spent per person in 2005.

While many Japanese people still want to cook at home, more and more people are being tempted to dine outside the home. Price-wise, buying dinner outside the home can sometimes be cheaper for a family than buying the ingredients at the supermarket.

One notable area of growth is obento-ya (Japanese lunchboxes), which accounted for just over 30% of total home delivery/takeaway value in 2004. Due to its popularity, more companies have been motivated to open up new outlets, which led to growth of almost 19% in unit terms between 1999-2004. Neither did sales disappoint, with a corresponding increase of just over 22%.

For further detail about this article and other related findings, please visit  Euromonitor International by clicking here.

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