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TNS Launches TNS Insight Tv Live PDF Print E-mail
Written by TNS   
02 Mar 2007

February 28th 2007 – London, UK.

TNS, a world leader in market information, announced today that it has launched TNSInsightTvLive™, a live and interactive online research platform that uses video to combine qualitative and quantitative survey capabilities. TNS is the first global market research company to offer live interactive research using video in such a way. TNSInsightTvLive will give users unique, real-time insights into their customers’ needs and preferences.

TNSInsightTvLive is an online survey in which respondents can see a survey moderator via a real-time video link. The use of video allows the moderator to show a vast range of visual material – such as new product concepts or trial advertisements – and to investigate responses instantly to uncover the “whys” behind the data.

Online surveys until now have been static. With TNSInsightTvLive, TNS is offering brands a way of engaging and entertaining respondents visually, a format that overcomes ‘respondent fatigue’. It is also enormously flexible, allowing users either to work with the moderator online from anywhere in the world, or to participate in the process of probing, clarifying and enhancing answers as soon as they are given. Users will also save money through TNSInsightTvLive because they will no longer need to travel to research sessions or focus groups that require visual prompts.

Arno Hummerston, MD TNS Global Interactive, said: “TNS is already the global leader in high quality interactive research and now TNSInsightTvLive takes that even further through live video. Our clients expect genuine insights from research, and even faster results. TNSInsightTvLive gives them the ultimate capability – real-time interaction with their consumers online. This is a signpost to the future of our industry and will provide a rich new resource for our custom research operations. It is an excellent example of our determination to build on our track record of innovation in the market research industry and our strategy to provide major brands and other users with true understanding and insight.”

The unique value of TNSInsightTvLive comes from the ability of TNS to combine this visual and interactive research platform with its high quality, managed access panels (that use pre-recruited respondents for precisely targeted surveys) and the four TNS Areas of Expertise that encompass each stage of the marketing cycle (from new product development on through segmentation and positioning, brand and advertising research and stakeholder management).

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