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Make your website stand out (but not for the wrong reasons) PDF Print E-mail
Written by ORC International   
31 Jan 2007

Make your website stand out (but not for the wrong reasons)

1 February 2007

Where do you start when you want to find out about a product or brand?

-Ask around?
-Go online?
-Look up their telephone number and ring them up?

The first point of call for many is the web. A strong Internet presence is therefore essential.
So, you enter your criteria into a search engine, and click "Go".

1,495,245 results found
The first page shows 1-10

Which site do you go to?

It's a buyers’ market. There is so much choice on the Internet that a badly designed website may lose customers: if visitors to your site can’t find what they’re looking for, they will simply move on to the next site.

Most visitors expect a modern, well presented site. A user unfriendly site simply doesn't give any reason to the buyer to come back to the site, and worse – may irritate a visitor to the detriment of your brand or product.

Put simply: if visitors can’t use your site, they will leave and never become customers.

Keep your customers coming back for more

One of our clients, a major gambling company, was worried that they would lose their high value customers if their website wasn’t up to scratch. They were concerned that with the recent proliferation of gaming websites, they might lose out to competitors with newer, possibly better, sites.

ORC International devised a continuous mystery shopping programme to assess how well site users could navigate the client's website compared to those of key competitors. A panel of experienced Internet gamblers was recruited. Each month the panel carried out a number of regular tasks, including:

-Placing specified bets
-Contacting customer services by phone or by e-mail with a query
-Monitoring marketing information received

Rather than asking the panel to report back using pen and paper, ORC International used its expertise in web technology to devise an online questionnaire for completion at the end of the allotted tasks, providing fast feedback to the client.

An interpretive key results report was produced on a monthly basis. The findings provided input into overall retention strategy of high value customers, as well as identifying website and customer service issues.


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