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Written by Synovate   
30 May 2007

Music Matters – Music in India fact sheet
30 May 2007

HONG KONG — Indians are the most passionate, television-driven music consumers in Asia according to the Branded, MTV and Synovate Music Matters survey released today at the 2007 Music Matters Asia Pacific Forum in Hong Kong.

In research that explores the music habits and attitudes of young urban Asians, Synovate surveyed 3,857 respondents aged 15 to 34 years in China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

Synovate Director Media Research Asia Pacific, Craig Harvey, said the Music Matters survey provides music executives and marketers with comprehensive insights into the unique music market in India, as well as Asia as a whole.

"India is a dynamic, exciting market, distinct from the rest of Asia in terms of consumers' love for music with 71% of Indians rating themselves as fairly to very passionate about music, the highest rate regionally and far higher than countries like China (42%), Korea (45%) and Singapore (38%)," he said.

"Indian consumers are also the most passionate about music on television, with 67% of respondents watching music videos on television almost every day and a further 22% watching them two to three times a week, rates far surpassing that in other nations.

"Although the relatively low internet penetration rate in India means consumers there use digital music far less than in other parts of Asia, marketers should take note of the fast-growing segment embracing music on mobile phones, with one third of respondents having downloaded and saved a song to their mobile phone in the past month, and 56% ready to replace their digital music devices with music-playing mobile phones," Mr Harvey added.

About music in India

Of the young Indian urban consumers surveyed:

67% watch music videos on television almost every day and 22% watch them two to three times a week, the highest rates in Asia. Regionally, 33% of consumers watch music videos almost every day and 25% watch them two to three times a week

Television was named by 44% of consumers as the device used most often to listen to music. Regionally, radio was chosen by 20% as the device most often used to listen to music, with 19% choosing television

85% nominated local pop as their preferred type of music to listen to regularly, followed by classical music (42%) and western music (40%)

56% are ready to replace their digital music player with a music-playing mobile phone
In addition, in the past month:

- 40% played music on a computer
- 49% played music on an MP3 player
- 33% downloaded and saved a song to their phone
- 36% purchased music in a physical store
- 13% purchased a counterfeit music CD – below the regional average of 19%

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