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Revenue Growth Manager - TNS PDF Print E-mail
Written by TNS   
08 Jun 2007


RGM is the first offering from the TNS Global Innovation Center

London. June 6th 2007 – TNS, a world leader in market insight and information, today announces the global availability of Revenue Growth Manager (RGM), a new TNS survey tool that was launched in selected geographic markets in January 2007. RGM allows marketing decision makers to evaluate which marketing investments will produce the most profitable revenue growth for their brands. By combining client information with customer survey data on brand perceptions, and brand-switching and purchase behaviour, RGM can help clients evaluate and forecast which marketing investments are likely to produce the biggest gains in customer equity, or long-term profitable growth for the company. RGM is the first solution to be launched by TNS’s Global Innovation Center, a unit that develops new research solutions in response to client demand.

With RGM, marketing teams can evaluate a range of marketing investment scenarios and build an understanding of the current and future profitability of existing customers and prospective customers. RGM provides a complete return-on-investment (ROI) analysis of alternative marketing initiatives before potentially expensive decisions are taken. Or it can be used to evaluate initiatives that have already been taken.

Gaurav Bhalla, who leads TNS’s Global Innovation Center, said: "RGM is the first offering from the TNS Global Innovation Center, a unit established to develop research solutions to fulfill specific client requirements. In this case, we have focused on the theme of marketing ROI because clients have told us they need new services that quantify and measure the value of marketing programmes. RGM gives customers the opportunity to select the best set of customer-related investments."

Jim Gill, TNS Global Marketing Champion for RGM, said: "One of the top challenges facing marketers is how to quantify the value of marketing programmes and investments as a means to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s overall marketing organization. With RGM, TNS has successfully tackled this challenge of marketing accountability. It addresses three key issues: which customers to invest in, what kind of marketing to invest in, and how well those investments will pay off in terms of long-term profitable growth. No other major market research company has a comparable tool. With RGM, TNS is moving into a new area of research consulting, where we use survey information as the basis for marketing consultancy services."

A key benefit of RGM is that it does not require extensive historical data. Instead, data can be obtained quickly through short extensions to routine research surveys – including brand image, segmentation, and attitude & usage studies. The tool allows for either a total market or a sub-market assessment and is applicable to a wide range of marketing strategies. RGM allows for modelling of different scenarios and development of databases as gauges of ROI. RGM can also be bundled with many other TNS survey tools.

Benefiting all marketing or market research professionals, RGM can be used by innovation managers, advertising executives, brand and product managers, and senior management.

About TNS:

TNS is a global market insight and information group.

Our strategic goal is to be recognised as the global leader in delivering value-added information and insights that help our clients to make more effective decisions.

As industry thought leaders, our people deliver innovative thinking and excellent service to global organisations and local clients worldwide.  We work in partnership with our clients, meeting their needs for high-quality information, analysis and foresight across our network of over 70 countries.

We are the world’s foremost provider of custom research and analysis, combining in-depth industry sector understanding with world-class expertise in the areas of new product development, segmentation and positioning research, brand and advertising research and stakeholder management.  We are a major supplier of consumer panel, media intelligence and internet, TV and radio audience measurement services.

TNS is the sixth sense of business.



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