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Recent Mums PDF Print E-mail
Written by BMRB   
20 Jun 2007

Recent Mums

According to the TGI Life Events segmentation there are almost a million women in Britain who gave birth to a child in the twelve months prior to being questioned on the survey. All but 2% of these women fell into the 15-39 age group and for the majority (57%) it was the first time they had given birth. For 45% of them it was a second or subsequent child which means that a small number (perhaps 2%) gave birth twice within the twelve month timeframe. Some 82% of the recently delivered report themselves to be married or living as such with a further 16% classifying themselves as single.

The largest percentage of new mothers (38%) fell into the 30-34 group – an age band which had a 65% above average likelihood of containing such a woman.

Almost half of them (47%) are working at least part time; in fact a third of those who are working are doing so full time (30+ hrs a week). Recent mothers are actually only about 25% more likely to not be working at all than are women of the same overall age group who have not given birth recently.

Unsurprisingly the other most likely Life Events to be reported by new mums (by comparison with women of the same age groups who had not given birth) were to have moved out of their parental home, to move in with a partner, to have got married, bought a house or flat and/or made major home improvements. So as well as the new expenditures associated with the new member of the family there were many others in which the marketer should take an interest.

Attitudinally they are more concerned than their non-maternal peers that their busy lifestyle prevents them from taking sufficient care of themselves health-wise and are less likely, perhaps as a result of that time pressure, to be anti junk food.

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