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First ever "balance sheet on giving" PDF Print E-mail
Written by GFK   
03 Nov 2005

First ever "balance sheet on giving"

The results of a survey carried out by the Deutscher Spendenrat charitable foundation and GfK on giving in Germany
Nuremberg, 4 November 2004 - In July and August this year, Germans donated a total of 272 million euros to welfare and charity organizations at home and abroad. This means that, according to the first ever survey on the subject carried out jointly by Deutscher Spendenrat and GfK Panel Services Consumer Research, every German is giving at least four euros to charity.

More than two thirds of the total 272 million euros donated goes to organizations providing humanitarian help in Germany and throughout the world. Most of the money goes to disaster relief and effective measures to combat disease, to support rescue operations and for long-term development aid projects. As well as providing humanitarian aid, Germans also support environmental and animal protection initiatives and activities and those aimed at preserving cultural heritage and historic monuments.

There are also regional differences within Germany. At EUR 6.74 per capita, citizens of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg donate more money than anybody else. Conversely, in eastern Germany, the figure is around EUR 2.54 per capita.

Cooperation between Deutscher Spendenrat and GfK

Charitable foundation, Deutscher Spendenrat and GfK Panel Services Consumer Research have concluded a cooperation agreement to monitor and measure charitable giving activities in Germany. The aim is to draft a "balance sheet of giving" for every year, which, in addition to showing money and material donations, will also include unpaid charity work carried out by Germans with welfare and aid organizations in Germany and abroad.

Every month, 10,000 Germans aged ten and over report on money and material they have donated. The results of the survey provide comprehensive insight into the overall structure of charity work. The survey is further enhanced in that twice a year, an analysis of unpaid charity work is carried out. Unpaid charity work is defined as "donating time", an activity very highly rated by welfare organizations. The results of the survey carry weight with the policy-making decisions of Deutscher Spendenrat.

On 24 November 2004, the results of the GfK Charity*Scope survey will be unveiled in detail at the Berlin press conference. For more information on this event, check out the Deutscher Spendenrat website under

The GfK Charity*Scope survey

The data collected for the GfK Charity*Scope survey are based on continuous, written, partly online and partly offline, surveying of a representative random sample of 10,000 panel participants. GfK Panel Services Consumer Research uses GfK Charity*Scope to collect ongoing data on individual consumer attitudes to charitable donations in Germany. Among other aspects, the survey includes data on the volume of donations made (number and value), the amount of individual donations (including regional breakdown) and the preferred field of activity.

Deutscher Spendenrat

Deutscher Spendenrat is an association representing the interests of all charitable and welfare organizations raising funds for welfare and humanitarian aid, protection of the environment and animals in the public arena and to national, political and private commissions. Deutscher Spendenrat is committed to developing a new culture of giving in Germany and is working to change the framework conditions for giving for the better. On request, Deutscher Spendenrat will make recommendations and provide information on its member organizations to any interested party or group.

The GfK Group

The GfK Group is the No. 5 market research organization worldwide. Its activities cover five business divisions, Consumer Tracking, HealthCare, Retail and Technology, Media and Custom Research. In addition to 15 German subsidiaries, the company has over 120 subsidiaries and affiliates located in 57 countries. Of a current total of more than 5,300 employees, approx. 1,500 are based in Germany. For further information, visit our website:


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