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Home arrow Marketing Research News arrow Company News and Announcements July-December 2007 arrow Denmark's Radio Industry Adopts TNS-licensed Arbitron Portable People Meter (PPM)
Denmark's Radio Industry Adopts TNS-licensed Arbitron Portable People Meter (PPM) PDF Print E-mail
Written by TNS   
03 Jul 2007

London, 25 June 2007 – TNS, a world leader in market information, announced today that the Arbitron Portable People Meter system (PPM), licensed by TNS, has been adopted as the electronic audience measurement currency system by the radio industry in Denmark.

The five-year contract was awarded to TNS Gallup, a TNS subsidiary in Denmark. The contract will commence January 2008 with a national panel of 750 Danish consumers equipped with the Arbitron PPM to collect overnight radio listening data. Danish broadcasters will analyze the ratings at one-minute increments and use the data for commercial sales and for programme planning. As with the Norwegian PPM radio currency, adopted in 2006, the national PPM panel will be supplemented with telephone-based collection for coverage of smaller regional radio stations.

Leif Lønsmann, Managing Radio Director for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, and the chairman of the listener study steering group, said: “We have been working on this for almost ten years, and it becomes increasingly more relevant to have an agreement in place as more and more channels are appearing that cover the entire country. Danish Radio will now have more specific information on the types and numbers of people who are listening to the various programs.”

Jim Receveur, General Manager for Radio 100FM and Det Danske Radiobureau, said: “Electronic radio measurements will help lift the commercial radio market because the listener statistics will be more accurate, and the commercial stations will also be able to do more accurate campaign supply and evaluation. The advertisers can look forward to radio being planned and developed in the same manner as TV.”

Jens Rohde, General Manager for TV 2 Radio, said: “We will be in a much better position to follow and meet listener demands and acquire tools to be more accurate in planning advertising and documenting for our customers. For commercial radio this is an historical breakthrough in making Danish radio more professional.”

Frederik Meyer, General Manager for SBS Radio A/S, said: “We look forward to working with the new system that provides our customers with a more accurate and reliable supply of campaigns at both of our stations, The Voice and Radio 2. We are pleased that the Danish radio market is ready for this solution with daily statistics which so clearly benefits us ourselves, our customers and the radio market in Denmark.”

Henrik Jørgen Hansen, General Manager for TNS Gallup in Denmark, said: “The new agreement is an expression of a quantum technological leap that opens up new opportunities to the Danish radio industry in the form of programme and campaign evaluations that are similar to those used in TV. I am proud that TNS Gallup is part of this development, and we are very excited about the collaboration under the new agreement.”

Andrea Mezzasalma, TNS Global Sector Head for iTRAM (Internet, TV and Radio Measurement), commented: “This contract underlines the world-class expertise TNS has in TV and radio audience measurement. It also reflects the successful partnership between TNS and Arbitron, as we have been working together to promote the PPM internationally.”

In a related development, the PPM encoding system will be used by the Danish television industry, beginning in the autumn, to identify the programming sources for the set-top push-button people meters operated by TNS in Denmark.

This announcement continues a massively successful phase in the adoption of PPM on a commercial basis around the world:

  • PPM was first used in a commercial audience measurement panel for VRT in Belgium, and has been tracking TV and radio since 2003.
  • The PPM system has been used for TV currency ratings in Montreal and Quebec since 2004.
  • In 2006, PPM was adopted as radio currency in Norway, as TV currency in Kazakhstan and also RAJAR, in concert with BARB, the TV research consortium, awarded TNS with a contract for a PPM research and development panel in London.
  • In 2007, PPM is being adopted as TV and radio currency in Iceland, the worlds’ first electronic panel to measure both TV and radio currency.
  • In the Spring of 2007, following MRC (Media Ratings Council) accreditation, Philadelphia became the first US radio market to transition to PPM electronic measurement as currency. Houston, Texas, will enjoy the benefits of the PPM beginning in June 2007 and New York at the end of 2007.
  • Arbitron plans to deploy the PPM currency ratings service in all of the Top 50 US radio markets by 2010.
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