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Demand for greater ROI from insight prompts new brand of services from GfK NOP PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gfk NOP   
11 Jul 2007

Demand for greater ROI from insight prompts new brand of services from GfK NOP

Insight teams are facing increasing pressure to deliver greater impact and competitive results for their organisation as consumers continue to become more fragmented and sophisticated in the way they choose, buy and use products.

GfK NOP has responded to this demand by launching a new brand of insight services, beyond, that takes companies beyond pure research. The focus is on generating insight gained through research and other knowledge sources and translating it into prioritised actions, embedding these into the organisation from the shop floor right up to senior management, as a key driver of strategy.

Several major brands have already signed up to the beyond services, which tap into both an organisation's own buried data and external, fresh sources. As well as bespoke Insight Reviews, Customer Management Audits and Insight Oracles, the beyond team use creative workshops and training sessions to ensure that the findings are worked into strategic plans that give clear direction on the actions and direction to take at every level of the company.

The beyond brand is the brainchild of Richard Matthews, who joined GfK NOP as Director of Insight in October last year. With nearly 10 years client-side experience in senior insight functions at Vodafone and Nokia, Richard is ideally positioned to understand what clients need and expect from customer insight and how they can integrate and action key messages into their business processes.  One of beyond's unique selling points is that they've "been there and done it as clients" which means they are better able to develop actionable solutions for clients.

beyond is also unique within the industry, due to the depth to which it penetrates a company. The Insight Reviews, for example:

  • Start with workshops with the client's insight team, to determine their networks and existing processes.
  • These are followed by one-on-one interviews with key stakeholders, to understand the current performance and expectations placed on the company's insight requirement.
  • These can also be reinforced through an optional Satisfaction Survey, delivered to the client's insight team and key stakeholders, to identify the major success measures for them.
  • All this information is then channelled through the final Action Planning workshops, to identify and prioritise the changes needed and form implementation strategy and tactics.





For more information on GfK NOP's beyond suite, please contact Richard Matthews, Director of Insight on: +44 (0)20 7890 9069 This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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