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Adventurers, realists and dreamers PDF Print E-mail
Written by GFK Group   
06 Jul 2007

GfK Roper Consumer Styles: target group typology for 38 countries worldwide

Nuremberg, July 7, 2007 – GfK Lifestyle Research has developed an expanded system of universally applicable segmentation. The new GfK Roper Consumer Styles typology, which is an extension based on the experience gained with GfK’s previous Euro-Socio-Styles, represents a new data basis which extends the global application potential of the system.

A marketing strategy can be even more successful when tailored to suit specific consumer types, whether these are enthusiastic adventurers, future-oriented realists or materialistic dreamers.

Since the end of the 1980s, GfK lifestyle research has been analyzing consumer value systems, buying preferences and lifestyles, to enable retail and manufacturing companies to address specific target groups. The Euro-Socio-Styles lifestyle typology previously developed by GfK from this research, which has been tried and tested in Europe, has been put onto a completely new basis. In future, the basic data will be provided by the Roper Reports Worldwide, annual global GfK consumer surveys named after Elmo Roper, founder of the US market research company. To facilitate seamless transition from the previous Euro-Socio-Styles, an additional number of just under 5,000 consumers in four European countries were surveyed using the GfK Roper Consumer Styles as well as the Euro-Socio-Styles concepts.

Responding to globalization
The new market research instrument enables GfK to respond to the demands of the progressive globalization taking place in many companies. The new typology delivered by the Roper Reports Worldwide is currently available for 38 countries across five continents.

Like the Euro-Socio-Styles, the lifestyles identified by GfK Roper Consumer Styles are also categorized. Despite national variations in consumer and lifestyle universes, the fundamental structures of the value systems and consumer characteristics already established by the Euro-Socio-Styles are also reflected in the GfK Roper Consumer Styles. Regional and national differences are revealed by the different regional target group sizes. National peculiarities can also be established and analyzed from the different data on value systems and brand and leisure preferences.

On the lifestyle card, consumers are polarized into four groups according to their value systems and preferences: For example, the materialistic target groups will include those who, by their own admission, are "protective comfort buffer seekers” and "dreamers” after material wealth. At the opposite end of the scale is the "critical” post-materialistic group, for whom education and sustainability are what counts. Closely aligned to them are the individualists and design-oriented "open-minded” groups. Directly opposed to the more hedonistic groups inclined to taking greater risks, such as the trend-conscious and physically-aware "adventurers”, are the puritans. This is a consumer group which includes both the "well-grounded” who need harmony and security and the environmentally-aware "realists”, who allow themselves plenty of time for extensive brand comparisons before they decide to buy.

Target group marketing on the basis of international data
The spectrum of applications corresponds to the wide-ranging possibilities already offered by the Euro-Socio-Styles. The GfK Roper Consumer Styles lend themselves to application and integration within the full scope of the marketing process. The data ranges from national and international analysis of lifestyles and product preferences to target group-specific optimization of communications and media planning. From autumn 2007, the new typology will be integrated into one of the leading German market media surveys, so that definitive statements concerning the print title preferences and Internet use in the various lifestyles will also be available for Germany. By combining the data available in the Roper Reports Worldwide global consumer databases, for the first time, it is now possible to study lifestyles in the context of global consumer trends and company-specific target groups.

GfK Lifestyle Research
GfK Lifestyle Research has been offering comprehensive consumer surveys and breakdowns based on extensive international basic studies since the 1980s. In the context of these, the GfK panels and surveys of individual companies, around 100,000 consumers are surveyed annually on their lifestyles, attitudes and habits. The lifestyle typology of the GfK is integrated within the consumer panels and media studies. The applications for companies range from issues relating to positioning, thru concept and product development to optimization of communications and direct marketing.

Further information: Thomas Peichl, GfK Lifestyle Research,
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The GfK Group
The GfK Group is the No. 4 market research organization worldwide. Its activities cover five business divisions Custom Research, Retail and Technology, Consumer Tracking, Media and HealthCare. The Group has 115 companies covering over 90 countries. Of a current total of over 8,200 employees, 80% are based outside Germany. For further info rmation, visit our website:

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