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Euromonitor International Launches Passport: Ingredients A New Approach to Ingredients Market Intell PDF Print E-mail
Written by Euromonitor International   
22 Aug 2007

Date published: 14 Aug 2007

Euromonitor International announced today the launch of 'Passport: Ingredients', a new information system that measures the use of ingredients in consumer products. A first for market analysis in the ingredients industry, Euromonitor's new research system analyses and measures volume demand for 400 ingredients across 600 product categories in 80 countries worldwide, providing uniquely detailed market intelligence for ingredient manufacturers, suppliers and their customers.

Unique methodology combined with established research

'Passport: Ingredients' is a fully integrated market intelligence solution that combines ingredients statistics with Euromonitor International's latest analysis of the key drivers influencing ingredient demand. Using a unique methodology that starts with Euromonitor's well-established knowledge of global sales of fast moving consumer goods, 'Passport: Ingredients' has been developed by applying actual recipes and formulations of leading brands to existing Euromonitor product volume data. The result is uniquely detailed ingredient tonnages by category based on actual consumption. This approach means 'Passport: Ingredients' gives unparalleled insight into the volumes of ingredients, flavours and fragrances used in fast moving consumer goods, enabling users to align their business with the future direction of the market.

The system contains more than just volume data. 'Passport: Ingredients' analyses both supply and demand-side issues, from consumer and product trends such as growing health awareness and flavour preferences, to product and technology developments.

“The further away from the consumer in the supply chain, the less information and industry consensus there is”, explains John Madden, Ingredients Manager at Euromonitor International. “Our ingredient clients are looking to us to give detailed insights on how their markets are evolving so they can build strategies for the future. Equally, it can play a valuable role within any company manufacturing and marketing products to the consumer, especially in terms of procurement efficiencies”.

“Being able to transparently size the market for all these ingredients is valuable in itself, but being able to tell companies into which products ingredients are going, and how this is evolving over time, is a first”, says John.

A business information solution

'Passport: Ingredients' is just a small part of Euromonitor International's full 'Passport' system, which contains 115 million internationally comparable industry, country and consumer statistics, future-focused analysis from a global, regional, country and company perspective, daily insightful comment from Euromonitor's analysts and RealTime News, Euromonitor's online industry news monitoring service.

Companies that subscribe to 'Passport: Ingredients' are assigned a dedicated Account Manager to help them get full value from the system and use it with confidence. Many of Euromonitor's Account Managers are industry experts, with a strong background in research and an established reputation within the industries they specialise in, making them well-placed to answer client questions and discuss Euromonitor's latest research findings.

For further detail about this article and other related findings, please visit  Euromonitor International by clicking here.

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