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Media Engagement: There Is More Than Meets the Eye PDF Print E-mail
Written by Simmons Research   
05 Sep 2007

Different kinds of media engagement have different impacts on consumers

NEW YORK - September 4, 2007 - Media engagement is more than just making a single connection with a viewer. In reality, engagement is a multi-dimensional concept that, when grasped, gives marketers and media companies the keys to evoke an emotional and behavioral response among their intended audience, according to Simmons Research, an Experian company.

The Simmons Multi-Media Engagement (MME) Study measures and reports the engagement that consumers have with nearly 1,000 individual media vehicles across broadcast, cable and syndicated television, Internet and print properties in both English and Spanish. The quarterly study provides the metrics and the platform for marketers to identify in which specific dimensions consumers are most engaged and how they can tune content, programming, creative and message strategy to drive ROI.

"What makes our engagement study so unique is that it enables marketers to evaluate consumer engagement levels both within a single medium as well as across multiple media channels," said Chris Wilson, president of Experian Research Services. "By using this design, the study allows clients with sophisticated mixed media strategies to better understand the synergies between media channels."

Using a custom battery of approximately 40 unique statements, Simmons has identified six Global Dimensions of Engagement that span television, print and Internet. Five of the dimensions are specific to the content of the media vehicle and one examines the attention that consumers pay to the advertising that runs concurrent in each measured vehicle. This gives marketers the ability to examine the impact of engagement that consumers have with each vehicle on their advertising.

The Global Engagement Dimensions are:

  • Trustworthy - the media is trusted by consumers and does not sensationalize things
  • Inspirational - the media inspires consumers and connects with them emotionally
  • Life Enhancing - consumers are learning about new things from the medium, which ultimately helps them make better decisions .
  • Social Interaction - the media is constantly giving consumers fodder for conversation with family and friends .Personal
  • Timeout - consumers acknowledge that the time they spend with the media is time just for them and improves their mood .Ad
  • Attention/Receptivity - the advertisements that run in the media are of interest to the consumer who is ultimately more likely to purchase products advertised in it.




National Geographic Channel, a Simmons client, is a great example of an organization with a sophisticated mixed media strategy. "The Simmons MME survey is a unique resource that captures multi-dimensional engagement data across media," said Brad Dancer, VP of research for the National Geographic Channel. "Covering television, magazine and Internet properties, the single-source solution is an ideal tool."
Find out how the Simmons MME Study can help your business. For more information, please contact Ellen Romer at (212) 863-4562 or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Simmons Research
Simmons Research, an Experian Company and part of Experian Research Services, has been a leading chronicler of the American consumer for over 50 years. From the products that all Americans buy and the brands they prefer, to their Internet shopping behaviors, attitudes,lifestyles and media that they use, Simmons measures over 30,000 American consumers each year using statistically projectable samples.Simmons' samples include the largest representation of all Americans,including, Hispanic, African-American, Asian and other consumers and are used by over 500 clients worldwide to provide the most complete picture available on America's consumers. In 2006, Experian Research Services was ranked the fastest growing market research company by Jack Honomichl, the leading market research industry authority.

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