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Home arrow Marketing Research News arrow Company News and Announcements July-December 2007 arrow New TNS BriefScape gives ad creatives a new dimension
New TNS BriefScape gives ad creatives a new dimension PDF Print E-mail
Written by TNS   
16 Sep 2007
17 September 2007: London, UK. TNS, a world leader in market research, has unveiled a new product that will see research introduced to the early stages of brand communications development.Through BriefScape, TNS will, for the first time, offer both brand teams and ad agencies a new level of insight into how key brand messages and emotional brand positioning are best translated into a creative brief – before the brief is finalised.Previously, advertising research has predominantly focused on the post-creative stage of a campaign – testing ads before and after launch and measuring the impact of ad campaigns on sales and brand image. Creative teams have been reluctant to bring researchers into the ad development process early on – either due to time constraints or from a less than positive experience with the fraught area of qualitative research with storyboards / unfinished material Enter TNS BriefScape. Developed in consultation with ad planners, marketing teams and creatives, this tool ensures that the brand values, targeting, and market positioning developed in brand positioning studies are followed through in the communications process – using qualitative insights which can help guide creative development and ensure that emotional links between brand and consumer are optimised through the communications campaign.Sue Burden, Head of Brand and Communications Research at TNS, explains: "BriefScape is about getting the communications research input at the earliest stage, to help improve the quality and innovation of brand communications. We are confident that this new level of insight, which complements the planning team and works with – as opposed to limiting – the creatives, will result in the development of more effective ads. Emotional links between brand and consumer are the strongest tool in an ad creative’s armory, and BriefScape will give the creatives insight-focused inspiration to exploit these to best effect."The launch of BriefScape means that TNS can now offer a research solution for the complete brand communications lifecycle, which allows clients to select the tools most appropriate to the needs of their brand and its campaign (it would be unlikely for a brand to use all of the options for one campaign!). BriefScape comes in at the beginning, using qualitative focus groups to identify how key brand messages and emotional positioning could be communicated via brand communication. Once the creative work is developed, TNS AdEval can pre-test the impact, emotional communication and motivation of the ad prior to or shortly after launch (when the focus is on maximising communications deployment and getting early diagnostic feedback). Market Contact Audit identifies the most effective channels for delivering the communication campaign. Finally, Brand Performance Optimiser tracking provides an ongoing report on the impact of the communications campaign in the marketplace, showing its contribution to brand growth and image development.

Sue Burden concludes: "BriefScape also introduces semiotics into the creative briefing process, to decode symbols and images, giving brand owners and ad agencies another level of insight into how communication in the sector functions. With the unique combination of insight and semiotics feedback that is offered by BriefScape at the critical pre-creative brief stage, we’re confident it will make an impact to improve the quality of clients’ brand communications."

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