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Synovate Censydiam goes interactive PDF Print E-mail
Written by Synovate   
26 Sep 2007

27 September 2007

ANTWERP — Synovate Censydiam, the global leader in using psychodynamics to understand consumer motivations, has launched interactive tools designed to keep consumer psychology at the forefront of marketing.

Herman Toch, CEO of Synovate Censydiam, says his organisation is moving beyond its traditional methods of conducting research. "Those approaches have served us well, but now it’s time to embrace the digital world and enrich our current approach with new technology. It will also bring our world leadership in consumer psychology online."

Toch stresses that Synovate Censydiam's objective is to take its research a step higher by partnering with clients in developing their marketing strategy. "We not only want to generate great consumer insights but also to turn those into client opportunities."

Exploiting the potential of digital technologies, Synovate Censydiam has developed a suite of integrated online products, including a unique way of using interactive panels. Following motivational segmentation research, clients can tap into a panel of respondents sharing the same contextual motivation in order to screen new product ideas, concepts or packaging.

Toch says this interactive panel offering also allows Synovate Censydiam clients to engage in continuous dialogue with their target segment: "The right audience is always on hand for vital follow-up questions."

To increase the depth of analyses during valuable face-to-face sessions, Synovate Censydiam has introduced pre-field interactive chat sessions. These are designed to maximise the value of subsequent research by allowing the Synovate Censydiam practitioner to explore consumer insights and attitudes in advance of the core exercise.

Ged Parton, CEO of Synovate's Brand and Communication Practice, says the company is using state-of-the-art technologies to leverage its strong academic and expert heritage in consumer psychology. "Synovate Censydiam has always had great thinking and great thinkers; it is exciting to see Herman take this foundation forward in a progressive and modern way."

Parton adds, "Marketing today demands sensitivity to the modern environment which is affecting people's lives. This initiative from our motivational experts is an important recognition that whilst great thinking remains fundamental, we must move with the times."

As Synovate Censydiam launches new products and services using digital platforms, its institute in Antwerp, Belgium will continue to serve as the centre of excellence for developing these initiatives and deploying them across the globe.

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