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Men's Changing Lifestyles PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mintel   
05 Oct 2007
Move over competitive mums, now it's the turn of Britain's pushy dads

Pushy parenting used to be the domain of Britain's yummy mummies, but now it is the turn of the dads, as Britain prepares for all-out war at the school gates.

Latest research from MINTEL finds that the number one priority for Britain's family man is his kids' exam results - placed well above his own career and health. Exclusive research finds more than half (54%) of men with a young family** highlight their kids' exam success as a priority; closely followed by children’s out-of-school activities, which are important to just under half (47%) of all family men. Interestingly, Britain's young dads rank their children's achievements well above being successful in their own career (40%) and living a healthy lifestyle (38%).

"It seems that many men are putting their children's success well before their own, or at least they would like us to believe as such. Although this interest in kids is encouraging, it could be putting increased pressure on Britain's youngsters. It is also the case that dads want their kids to do better than they themselves did in their own youth," comments James McCoy, consumer research manager at MINTEL.

"Increased competition to get into good schools, especially free ones, could also be a contributing factor," he adds.

What (wo)men want

It is not just at the school gates where Britain's dads are competing with yummy mummies, as women come under siege in the home as well. Almost a third of men of all ages (30%) say it is important to have their home look the way they want it to, rising to almost four in ten (37%) amongst 30 - 34 year olds. Not only do Britain's men take pride in their homes, they cook as well. The kitchen is no longer a woman’s domain, as no less than 45% of Britain’s men say they really enjoy cooking.

What is more, while women have the reputation of being shopaholics, a quarter of all men (24%) confess to really enjoying shopping for clothes, while one in five (19%) like to keep up with the latest fashions and 13% admit to spending a lot of money on clothes.

"While much has been made about a move away from the metrosexual male back to more 'conventional' men, this research shows that the metrosexual man does still have a key part to play in modern Britain," concludes James McCoy.

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