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Provalis Research Press Release PDF Print E-mail
Written by Provalis Research   
05 Oct 2007

Montreal, ­October 6, 2007 - ­Provalis Research is pleased to announce the release of QDA Miner v3.0, Provalis Research's text and image annotation and document management tool.

QDA Miner is an easy-to-use mixed-model qualitative analysis software program for coding, annotating, retrieving and analyzing small and large collections of documents, such as open-ended responses, customer comments, legal documents and technical reports. The program can manage complex projects involving documents, images, and metadata such as numerical and categorical information. It offers unique integration with advanced text mining, quantitative content analysis (WordStat) and statistical analysis (Simstat) tools, providing a unique hybrid approach combining and integrating qualitative and quantitative methods.

QDA Miner is useful to anyone who needs to code, annotate, search, explore and extract information from small and large collections of documents and images such as social science researchers, evaluators, market researchers, pollsters, business intelligence analysts, CRM professionals, crime analysts, fraud detection experts, journalists, and document management specialists.

This new version of QDA MINER introduces more than 30 new useful features, including:

  • Coding, annotating, retrieval and analysis of graphics, images and photos.
  • Powerful new query-by-example text retrieval tool with relevance feedback and fuzzy string matching.
  • A unique report manager tool allowing researchers to store in a single location queries and analysis results, tables and graphs, research notes and quotes.
  • A powerful command log that keeps track of every project access, coding operation, transformation, query and analysis performed. Useful to document the analysis process and supervise team works.
  • Support of WordStat's automatic document classification models for categorizing and coding retrieved documents, paragraphs, sentences or other text segments.
  • Enhanced data management tools, including data type transformation, data recoding and reordering.
  • Improved teamwork support and text coding functions.
  • Importation of QSR N6 and HyperResearch project files as well as Transana and Transcriber XML file formats.







For more information on QDA Miner or to download a fully functional trial version, see the QDA Miner product page at:

More detailed information and flash demonstrations on these new features can be obtained at:

Founded in 1989, Provalis Research provides a family of software that is flexible, easy to use and powerful, with unsurpassed integration of statistical analysis (SimStat), qualitative data analysis and document management (QDA Miner), as well as content analysis and text mining (WordStat).

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