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Sow Your Targeting Seeds with Green Consumers PDF Print E-mail
Written by Simmons Research   
05 Nov 2007

Newest segmentation system offers unparalleled access to affluent, environmentally friendly consumers.

NEW YORK - November 6, 2007 - Whether you call it global warming or climate change, recent scientific studies have sparked renewed calls for further protecting our environment. These "green" movements have surged in recent years creating a new, niche market of consumers who are willing to do and spend more to be environmentally friendly.
Targeting this emerging and affluent consumer group is now possible with GreenAware from Simmons Research, a part of Experian.

"It is believed that green consumers will have an estimated annual buying power up to 500 billion dollars in 2008," said Chris Wilson, president of Experian Research Services, parent division of Simmons Research. "Having the means and motivation to support environmentally friendly products and companies, these green consumers bring enormous clout to the consumer market."

GreenAware from Simmons offers profiles that not only include buying behavior but also attitudes, opinions, lifestyle and media usage of these "green" consumers. To better understand distinctive mindset of these consumers towards the environment, Simmons has developed four distinct levels of green consumers:

  1. Behavioral Greens: Consumers who think and act green. They have negative attitudes towards products that pollute the environment and incorporate green practices on a regular basis.
  2. Think Greens: Consumers who think like green consumers but don't always necessarily act green.
  3. Potential Greens: Consumers who neither behave nor think along particularly environmentally conscious lines but remain on the fence about key green issues.
  4. True Browns: Consumers who are not environmentally conscious and may actually have negative attitudes about heavy environmental focus.

How does GreenAware work? Say "Company X" wants to learn more about consumers who are environmentally conscious and how to better target them. By using GreenAware from Simmons, Company X gets detailed access to the distinctive mindset and behaviors of the ideal consumer who contributes to environmental causes and is interested in a better environment. As a result, Company X gets to capture both current environmental donators and green prospects, creating a larger universe from which to source business for their brand moving forward.

GreenAware's development was based on over 100,000 consumer survey responses in the National Consumer Study. Over 60,000 variables were used based on questions targeted toward environmental concerns, issues, and consumers' buying decision. The depth and breadth of data used in the development of GreenAware comes together to create a more robust and accurate marketing and attitudinal picture of consumers related to the "green" trend. 

Simmons GreenAware is available now. To capitalize on this powerful consumer segment, contact Angelika Kaprelian at 212-863-4580 or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Simmons Research
Simmons Research, a part of Experian Research Services, has been a leading chronicler of the American consumer for over 50 years. From the products that all Americans buy and the brands they prefer, to their Internet shopping behaviors, attitudes, lifestyles and media that they use, Simmons measures over 30,000 American consumers each year using statistically projectable samples. Simmons' samples include the largest representation of all Americans, including, Hispanic, African-American, Asian and other consumers and are used by over 500 clients worldwide to provide the most complete picture available on America's consumers. In 2006, Experian Research Services was ranked the fastest growing market research company by Jack Honomichl, the leading market research industry authority.

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