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Affluent Thais more aware of out-of-home advertising PDF Print E-mail
Written by Synovate   
01 Nov 2007

2 November 2007, BANGKOK — Affluent Thais are highly aware of Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising, with over 90 percent having seen various types of outdoor advertisements in the past seven days, according to the latest data from Synovate's Media Atlas study.

"With such high levels of awareness among Thailand's affluent market, OOH advertising represents one of the most important mediums today for advertisers in the country as they battle it out to reach a highly fragmented audience," said Steven Britton, Managing Director of Synovate Thailand.

"It is also becoming increasingly difficult for advertisers to identify which media to use effectively, given the rising number of OOH advertising options that are readily available. What's more, affluent Thais are constantly on the move and advertisers may need to rethink their media strategy as well as consider alternative forms of OOH advertising across different urban locations to capture a mobile audience," he said.

On the move
When it comes to getting around, traveling by car (56%) is the most popular mode of transportation for affluent Thais. Cars (58%) and pick-up trucks (30%) were the preferred choice of transportation for affluent Thai men while affluent Thai women preferred being driven in taxis (57%).

"Interestingly enough, traveling on the BTS SkyTrain proved to be a more popular choice among affluent Thai men (28%) as compared with affluent Thai women (19%)," Britton added.

A good number of affluent Thais also got around on motorcycles (36%) while the least preferred mode of transportation for both affluent Thai men and women were Tuk Tuk's (10%).

OOH advertisement awareness
Overall consciousness towards OOH advertisements was extremely high among affluent Thais, with women (94%) being slightly more aware than men (91%).

Affluent men, however, were more aware of advertising on panoramic billboards as compared to affluent women (79% vs.67%). Affluent women (72%) were also slightly less aware of advertising on buildings or towers as compared to affluent men (75%).

Affluent men and women also showed different levels of awareness when it came to advertisements inside shopping malls and stores, with men more aware of interior advertisements (70% vs. 65%) and video screens (66% vs. 48%).

It was the opposite when it came to exterior advertisements outside shopping malls as well as stores, with affluent women (67%) being more aware of them than affluent men (62%).

On mobile OOH advertisements, affluent women (65%) were slightly more conscious when it came to bus advertisements than affluent men (62%). Affluent women (52%) were also more aware of advertisements on taxis as compared to affluent men (45%). Telephone booth advertising recorded the lowest levels of awareness among affluent men (23%) and affluent women (25%) respectively.

Alternative OOH advertising
Britton advised advertisers to look beyond conventional forms of OOH advertising such as billboards, highlighting the BTS SkyTrain as an equally effective medium to reach affluent Thais, given the volumes of traffic and high frequency recorded each day.

"Advertisers should be aware that OOH advertisements on the BTS Skytrain are proving to be an effective medium, given that 52 percent of affluent men and 46 percent of affluent women were conscious of such advertisements during the past seven days.

"More surprisingly, we discovered that 55 percent of affluent Thais with a monthly income of 50,000 Baht and above were consciously aware of OOH advertisements on the BTS Skytrain," he added.

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Synovate (Thailand) Ltd 
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