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Demographic transformation in Brazil PDF Print E-mail
Written by Euromonitor International   
18 Feb 2008

Author: Countries and Consumers - Date published: 26 Nov 2007

Euromonitor International's Future Demographics - Brazil report identifies that significant shifts in population are underway in Brazil. These demographic changes should alter patterns of consumption and saving if the economy can keep growing.

Significant shifts in population are underway in Brazil:

An increase in the number of births began in the late 1970s and continued through the early 1980s. Both birth and fertility rates have been steadily falling since then. The pace of decline will decelerate in the future but the downward slide will continue at least through 2020;
The bulk of the country's population is already under 40 years and their share will rise further by 2020;
At the same time, the number of Brazilians aged 60 and over is increasing, suggesting that a rapid ageing process is underway.


Population trends: 1977-2020
1977 = 100
Source: Euromonitor International from national statistics/UN

These demographic changes should alter patterns of consumption and saving if the economy can keep growing. Poverty is falling but is still widespread. Sustained growth is essential if Brazil's demographic changes are to have a tangible impact on consumer markets.

The population explosion will yield a steady increase in the pool of potential workers. Real wages will continue to be low but education and additional training will become increasingly important as Brazilian industries move up the value-added chain;
The increasing number of children and young people should boost the demand for housing, home appliances, home improvements and related consumer markets;
In the next ten years, Brazil will – for the first time – have a substantial number of elderly and older middle-aged consumers. A number will have moderate-to adequate amounts of income to spend on items such as healthcare, entertainment and travel.

Euromonitor International's Future Demographic reports provide in-depth data and analysis of population changes in 71 countries around the world.


Last Updated ( 10 Jul 2008 )
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