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Access To NHS Dentists PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ipsos MORI   
25 Feb 2008

21 February 2008

Recent Ipsos MORI research among a representative sample of adults in England and Wales, conducted on behalf of Citizens Advice reveals that a third had not been to a dentist since April 2006.

Among the two-thirds who had, 64% had NHS treatment, 31% had private treatment, the remainder had both.

Among all those who had not been to an NHS dentist since April 2006 (998 adults), the most common reasons given for not doing so are lack of access to an NHS dentist (31%) and 'not needing treatment' (30%).

Topline Results

  • The questions were placed on Ipsos MORI's Omnibus.
  • A nationally representative quota sample of 1,813 adults aged 15 and over was interviewed throughout England and Wales.
  • Interviews were conducted face-to-face in respondents' homes, using CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing) between 7-13 December 2007.
  • The data have been weighted by gender, age, location, and social class, to reflect the national profile of England and Wales.
  • An asterisk (*) indicates a percentage of less than 0.5% but greater than zero.
  • Where figures do not add up to 100, this is due to multiple coding or computer rounding.


Q1 Have you been to a dentist since April 2006 or not?
Base: All (1,813)

Don't know1

Q2 When you last went to the dentist did you have NHS treatment, private treatment or both?
Base: All adults who have been to the dentist since April 2006 (1,110)

Don't know1

Q3 Looking at this card, please tell me which, if any, of the following are the main reasons why you have not been to an NHS dentist since April 2006?
Base: All adults who have not been to an NHS dentist since April 2006 (including those who have visited a private dentist) (998)

Total citing Lack of NHS Accessibility31
There are no NHS dentists in my local area that are taking on new patients19
I can't find an NHS dentist to treat me so have gone without treatment4
I can't find an NHS dentist so have been to a private dentist for treatment10
I simply can't find an NHS dentist8
Total citing Cost4
I can't afford treatment / the fee / too expensive3
I can't afford the NHS charges2
Total citing Time issues / Forgot8
I haven't got the time to go4
Keep forgetting / Haven't got around to it3
I no longer get a reminder2
Total citing Concern6
I am afraid of dentists4
I've had a bad experience with a dentist3
Worried about contracting an infection / Lack of sterilisation-
Total citing Prefer Private / Other9
I prefer to have private treatment6
Private treatment is superior5
I visit a dentist abroad1
Total citing No need30
I have not needed treatment20
I don't feel there is anything wrong with my teeth / Haven't felt the need to go11
I can't find any dentists in my local area7
No teeth1
Have dentures / False teeth2
Happy with present dentist*
NHS dentist switched to Private1
No particular reason8
Don't know3

If respondent asked what the NHS charges are, they were informed there are 3 bands:
In England — band 1 £15.90, band 2 £43.60, band 3 £194.
In Wales — band 1 £12, band 2 £39, band 3 £177.

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