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Male hair-styling products across Europe PDF Print E-mail
Written by BMRB   
25 Feb 2008

Men in Germany are more likely than those in Britain, France, or Spain to use hair-styling products (gel, mousse, wax, etc). One-third of German men use at least one such product. In Spain, the country in which men are least likely to ‘style’ their hair, only one-quarter of men use styling products.

Since 2000, use of styling products amongst men has increased in Germany and France, and stayed fairly constant in Britain. In the same period, the total number of users across the four TGI Europa countries has increased from 24 million to around 28 million.

German men are most likely to be heavy users of such products, with almost 60% using their chosen application at least once a day. In Britain, by contrast, the level of daily usage falls to just under 50%.

In all four countries, the most popular type of hair-styling product for men is gel. Penetration is highest in France where gel is used by more than three-quarters of self-stylers, and is lowest in Britain where it is used by just over 50% of the total. The second most popular option varies by country: in Britain it is wax; in Germany and Spain, mousse; in France, styling spray.

Author   James McCombe
Publication   Brand Strategy
Date   01/01/2008
BMRB Contact   James McCombe

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