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New Australian software set to change the world PDF Print E-mail
Written by NVivo 8 media   
16 Apr 2008

2nd April 2008

Police forces around the world use it to track fraudsters and manage intelligence on terrorists. The UK Policy Studies Institute uses it to examine the factors that affect economic well being. Market researchers Econnect use it to develop communication programs to help Australian farmers manage climate variability. Global law firm CMS Cameron McKenna uses it to assist with pitches for new business. And the Hong Kong Institute of Education uses it to improve the quality of teacher education.

Australian firm QSR International’s NVivo software has changed the face of qualitative research in the last two years and now NVivo 8 – launched today – is set to shake up the market research field with unrivalled audio and visual capabilities.

QSR CEO John Owen said while the company already has market research software XSight in its ranks, NVivo’s new look and capabilities were likely to gain favor from commercial researchers too.

“For the first time NVivo 8 will allow marketers to work with and analyze virtually any piece of information in any language, from videos, interview recordings and documents, to photos, media clips, podcasts and even music,” he said.

“You can work with or without a transcript or create your own in the software, saving time and money. There are new professional charts and graphical models; and media players are built in. You can even share findings and files with clients or colleagues who don’t have the software, via HTML web pages. It does in one program, what several others were needed for before today.”

Mr Owen said NVivo 8 was a fourth generation qualitative data analysis software program. Users can upload thousands of pieces of information into the software and using its sophisticated analysis tools, interrogate their data significantly faster than manual or basic computer assisted analysis. He said while the software provides a much deeper level of analysis than any other program on the market, it also had plenty of features for those working in teams or looking for a fast turnaround on projects.

“NVivo 8’s new team work tools let you merge separate projects and still identify which work was completed by which person, as well as view the notes and analysis completed by each team member,” said Mr Owen.

“For the first time the software also allows you to query ‘coding’ completed by individuals or teams and run ‘coding comparisons’ to show the percentage of analysis that is the same or different across users. Colored bars called ‘coding stripes’ reflect research factors such as gender, age or income and you can watch them evolve in real time as you work through your data. And of course like XSight, NVivo allows you to export information into other packages like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint for easy delivery to clients.

“With its new capabilities, NVivo 8 has just as much appeal to a commercial market researcher, sports coach or tourism manager as it does to an academic or government researcher.”

NVivo software is developed end-to-end in Melbourne, Australia and exported to more than 90 countries. The software is already used at major organizations world-wide, including the Children’s Hospital Boston, the Chronic Poverty Research Centre, sports coach UK, the Hong Kong Institute of Education and virtually every major university in the United States, Europe and Australia.

Mr Owen said NVivo 8 has come after two years of intense research and development, including input from more than 100 international researchers and decision makers in commercial, academic and government fields. For the first time the software allows users to:

  • Import, sort and analyze audio files, videos, digital photos, Word, PDF, rich text and plain text documents.
  • Work with transcripts or work without them, analyzing material straight from audio and video files. Users can even create transcripts or text files within the software as they go.
  • View or listen to video and audio clips via inbuilt media players.
  • Merge separate projects and still identify which work was completed by which person, as well as view the notes and analysis completed by each team member.
  • Share files and findings, including audio, video or sections of documents with clients or colleagues who don’t have NVivo, using HTML web pages.
  • Query the analysis completed by individuals or teams and run comparisons to show the percentage of analysis that is the same or different across users.
  • Create and export professional charts, including three dimensional bar graphs and pie charts.
  • See colored bars called ‘coding stripes’ reflect research factors such as gender, age or income and watch them evolve in real time.
  • Watch new animated ‘show me’ tutorial movies and access the most up-to-date help and support resources online.


“NVivo 8 represents the future of qualitative research software,” said Mr Owen.

“It reflects that information is everywhere – on paper, on video, online and in our heads, and offers a suite of tools to help make sense of it.”

For a free 30-day trial of NVivo 8, visit Education prices for the full software package start at US$595, £330, AUD$700 or €465. The software can be purchased online at or via QSR’s international reseller network – visit to find a reseller near you.

Please note a media backgrounder on QSR International follows.

Media backgrounder:
Quick facts about QSR International

  • QSR International is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with offices in Europe and North America.
  • The company is the world’s largest qualitative research software developer.
  • QSR is the only company to supply software specifically developed for commercial qualitative research.
  • The company is also the first to deliver a qualitative research software program in Japanese.
  • QSR’s flagship products – XSight and NVivo – are sold in more than 90 countries and over 80% of the company’s revenue is export-related.
  • More than 400,000 customers use QSR software and more than 500 organizations hold site licenses for its products.
  • QSR customers are drawn from the academic, government and commercial sectors and its largest geographic markets are Europe, the United States and Australasia. The company has a 95% customer retention rate.
  • QSR International has patents pending on a range of unique technological inventions.


  • QSR International is the only developer in its field to earn Microsoft Gold Partner status.
  • The company’s NVivo software was used as a reference project at the Microsoft TechEd 2006 conference in the United States. 
  • An early adopter of emerging technology, QSR was amongst the first software developers in the world to utilize .Net and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express. The company was also the first in its field to develop software using Microsoft XP guidelines and to receive Microsoft’s ‘Works with Vista’ certification.
  • QSR won the Information and Communications Technology category at the Governor of Victoria Export Awards in 2006 and 2001. It was highly commended in the same category in 2004 and 2002. The company was also selected as a finalist in the Applications and Infrastructure Tools category in the 2007 Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) iAwards and its XSight software was selected as a finalist in the 2007 MRS/ASC Technology Effectiveness Awards in the United Kingdom.
  • QSR is the most published software developer in the qualitative research field - its software is cited in textbooks, research literature, and journals worldwide.
  • While QSR International was formally established in 1995, the company has its origins in 1981 – when the first software product, NUD*IST, was developed.
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