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Written by MINTEL   
10 Jul 2008

Complete Canned Meals and Meats

It's in the can! Sales of baked beans show healthy growth

Once just staple student fodder, the humble baked bean has undergone something of a makeover and the market is now really hotting up. Latest research from MINTEL shows that sales have increased by a saucy 11% over the last two years alone, with Brits forking out almost £300 million (£295 million) on their beloved beans last year.

"The latest shift towards healthy eating and cooking fresh food could have relegated baked beans to the back of the kitchen cupboard, but instead manufacturers have used these trends to their advantage," comments Vivianne Ihekuweazu, senior consumer analyst at MINTEL. "The introduction of more upmarket recipes as well as new varieties that are better for you, means that even after all these years, baked beans are still a regular fixture at mealtimes across the UK."

MINTEL's exclusive consumer research also shows that the British love affair with baked beans continues unabated. Indeed, over the last year no less than 85% of us picked up a tin of beans when out food shopping. And while for many years baked beans came only in a simple tomato sauce, today Brits can tuck into a much wider range of this quick-fix favourite. New alternatives include beans with Cumberland sausage, fresh herbs or even added Omega 3, while organic, low salt and low sugar versions are in line with today's food trends.

Beans run rings around canned pasta

Often considered a close relation of baked beans, canned pasta, such as spaghetti hoops and ravioli, has fared less well, with sales falling 8% over the same two year period, to just £99 million in 2007. This market has suffered from stiff competition, as more and more of us are happy to cook up a quick bowl of pasta instead. They have also found it hard to overcome their unhealthy image.

But following in the footsteps of baked beans and introducing new options, the future looks a little rosier. Although baked beans will see an impressive 27% growth to 2012, sales of canned pasta will increase by 12%, a vast improvement on recent years.

Last Updated ( 08 Aug 2008 )
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