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GfK NOP Retail Seminar 2008 PDF Print E-mail
Written by GfK NOP   
22 Jul 2008

GfK NOP Retail Seminar 2008
The Why behind the buy:
using shopper insight to gain competitive advantage

Date: 16 September
Time: 10am – 2pm
Venue: Ludgate House, London, SE1.

As the recession bites, the best chance of success lies in exploiting a deep understanding of what consumers are doing and how they make their purchase decisions.

Through a series of cases studies and research insight we will explore the following themes:

How to understand what consumers really do, rather than what they say they will do

Which tactics work, and which don’t, when trying to build customer loyalty

What lessons we can learn from past recessions and what do we anticipate happening this time around

How brands can ride out the storm – what makes a brand sustainable and which ones will survive and even prosper in challenging times.

Provisional Agenda

Moments of Truth
A case study looking at how GfK worked closely with Nokia to measure the potential influence of the retail environment on a consumers choice of mobile phone at the point of purchase. The study combined both quantitative and qualitative approaches to build up a complete picture of how shoppers interact with, and are influenced by, the store during their retail experience.

Staying Alive
An exploration of how brands can survive and even prosper in difficult times. We will look at the evidence to see what happens to premium brands during recession and why cutting marketing budgets really isn’t a good plan!

An Ethical Recession?
Using data from the GfK Ethical Brands Study we explore the extent to which consumers are ethical in thought, word and deed. Until now all the talk has been around the growth of the ethical movement form niche to mainstream. We now question what impact recession will have on the consumers willingness to shop ethical.

Price Wars
A case study from Austria that explores how one supermarket escaped a damaging price war by getting to know what really motivated its customers to be loyal. The resulting marketing campaign broke new ground for supermarket advertising in that market and clearly has lessons for us in the UK.

We’ve been here before
As we head towards recession what can we learn from the past? Using data from our Consumer Confidence Barometer that has been running since the 1970s and the FRS we take a look at what the coming months might have in store in terms of consumer mood and behaviour – not just what we buy but how we pay for it.

What about Christmas?
It is easy to see why many categories face a tough time as recession bites, yet Christmas is approaching and consumers are already planning their Christmas spend. From an ongoing study we will provide up-to-the minute feedback on how consumers intend to shop this Christmas and how their views have changed since the summer.

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