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Home arrow Marketing Research News arrow Company News And Announcements May - December 2008 arrow Synovate Releases Its Pan-European Media And Marketing Surveys For 2008
Synovate Releases Its Pan-European Media And Marketing Surveys For 2008 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Synovate   
28 Jul 2008

2008 - Amsterdam

Synovate, a leading global market intelligence company, today released the 2008 top line results of their widespread pan-European Media and Marketing Surveys (this include their EMS Regular, EMS Select, CEMS and CEMS Select surveys).

Despite the fact that TV, movies and print titles can be derived electronically via e-books and internet media websites, EMS and EMS Select 2008 results show that traditional TV channels and print titles in Europe continue to show a stable, healthy performance.

Since the start, EMS has continuously been developed to match the changing needs of the market to reflect the reality the role of media in the daily life of this important segment of the population. EMS TV, EMS Select (focusing on the top 3% of Europe), the inclusion of Central European markets (C-EMS) are all proof of the dynamic research portfolio that is available for Pan regional planning.

Reinier Schaper Head of the European Media & Marketing Survey (EMS) states 

"EMS, which was designed 13 years ago, continues to be a groundbreaking survey that allows comparative analysis on both a national and multi-national basis. EMS has proven to be the currency for TV viewership and Print readership among the European elite and top business decision makers".

New subscriber Brian Shields, Worldwide Research and Analytics Director of the International Herald Tribune adds

"EMS measures, on a continuous basis, markets that are relevant to our advertisers and goes from a broad consumer universe down to the more elite EMS Select. Even more importantly, EMS measures the New York Times Weekly Supplements, which forms part of the EuroReach advertising package."

CEMS and CEMS Select seek to cover the same group of people in Central Europe. CEMS 2008 (universe 6.1 Million) and CEMS Select 2008 (universe 1.2 Million) now feature the two biggest markets in Russia, Moscow and St Petersburg. Adding these metropolitans to the already available data for Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic, was a logical step, considering the vast potential Russia offers in terms of purchasing power.

"Russia is a rapidly developing giant within and outside Europe. The inclusion of Russia as part of our CEMS will provide our clients a better understanding of this group?s key behavioural patterns as evident from the various media" continues Reinier.

It is a fact that reading print and watching TV still make up a large proportion of up scale media consumption, but at the same time daily life has become 'digital', whether in the office, at home, or when travelling (on business or for pleasure). That is why EMS and EMS Select now will offer, next to the vast amount of TV and print data, usage of relevant websites to facilitate significantly improved cross media planning, showing campaign performance across multiple platforms.

With the recent increase of internet users in Europe, we also understand that tracking usage of different media platforms is important for our clients. As such, EMS will also be releasing its digital version called "EMS Digital Life" very soon. This digital diary enables us capture and accurately track information like

1.) what media content our clients' target audience is actually engaging to,

2) what time and place is the content being accessed,

3) what device is the target audience using, and

4) the amount and nature of multi-tasking when accessing that media content.

Synovate is delighted to welcome both The Economist and The International Herald Tribune as new subscribers to the survey. EMS is the leading industry survey, possessing 31 subscribers across print, television, agencies and clients from all across Europe and Asia

Last Updated ( 04 Jan 2009 )
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