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The Growing Influence of Latin Flavours in Alcoholic Drinks PDF Print E-mail
Written by Euromonitor   
28 Jul 2008

The Growing Influence of Latin Flavours in Alcoholic Drinks 

Euromonitor experts Catherine Mars and Roman Shuster dissect the market for Latin inspired beverages in this latest edition of Globalcast. According to Euromonitor International, not only is there scope for the development of the traditionally strong premium tequila category in markets other than Mexico and the US, but opportunities also exist for other local spirits to replicate the success of tequila outside their domestic markets. Traditional Latin American spirits including cachaça, a Brazilian spirit distilled from sugar cane, and pisco, a traditional distilled grape spirit produced in Chile and Peru, are best-placed for growth given the popularity of Latin-inspired drinks and cocktails which has already benefited sales of both tequila and rum.

Topics in this edition of Globalcast include:
 What started the Latin trend in the US and how has it evolved? 
 Faux vs. Authentic Latin flavors. What works in the US? 
 Globally, how is the Latin flavor trend developing?
 What new products are out there in this category?

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