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New Product Watch: Alternative packaging options for Kleenex PDF Print E-mail
Written by Euromonitor International   
11 Aug 2008

New Product Watch: Alternative packaging options for Kleenex

Kimberly-Clark is to make the biggest change to its leading boxed facial tissues brand in 51 years in order to try and revitalise sales.

Ever since 1957 in the UK, Kimberly-Clark's Kleenex for Men has been presented in a single, large box option. However, with both category sales, and Kleenex's brand share on a downward slide, and after the relative success it has had with its 'Ovals' range, the world's leading tissue manufacturer has decided to launch a new compact box format.

Named Kleenex Mansize, the new carton will be half the size of the original Kleenex for Men, but the tissues themselves will retain the same dimensions. By offering the new format as a twin-pack consumers will still get the same number of tissues, 100, as was previously on offer.

I like the size but it's too big
Kimberly-Clark believes that this new option will help to re-energise the category and attract a whole new group of consumers. Extensive market research conducted over the past 24 months has helped it identify young families as a segment of the market currently not best served by the range of solutions on offer. This consumer group understands the benefits of purchasing larger boxed facial tissues, but is put off from doing so by the size of the container due to the amount of space it takes to store.

A further appealing feature of this group is that those who already purchase tissues spend, on average, 30% more per year on them than other shoppers. Therefore, attracting greater numbers of them into the category will help to raise per household spending on boxed facial tissues which has fallen from £8.20 in 2003 to £6.50 in 2007.

The original Kleenex for Men will continue to be offered for sale, in order to ensure that existing customers who prefer the larger option are not driven away from the brand.

Short-term fix
Will these changes help Kleenex to achieve its aims? Possibly, but the fear must be that it is only a short term solution. Whilst innovations of this kind could draw additional consumers into the category they are very easily copied by private label manufacturers.

More likely, to produce results in the longer term is the type of co-marketing effort the company recently announced with two new hay fever brands; GSK's Piriton and Haymax, the organic nasal balm. Research commissioned by Kleenex suggests that 65% of hayfever sufferers do not purchase tissues, meaning that a significant opportunity exists to grow sales through co-marketing and co-promotional efforts. Initially, nearly 500,000 free samples of Kleenex and Haymax will be out to the retailer Boots' customers in order to promote the products.

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