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TNS Healthcare Introduces OMT Focus PDF Print E-mail
Written by TNS   
28 Oct 2008

October 28th 2008 - New York  

New Multi-Country Oncology Market Tracker Delivers Focused Insights into Even the Rarest Indications

To help pharmaceutical companies meet the challenge of selling into an increasingly fragmented oncology market, TNS Healthcare has introduced OMT Focus—a new multi-country oncology market tracker that provides an in-depth look at any indication or patient segment, however rare or specialized. Due to
its robust physician sample, OMT Focus delivers detailed insights into even the smallest markets or patient populations, so companies can measure and monitor share and prescribing changes…quantify opportunities and potential…and manage and position their brands for success, from pipeline through post-expiry.

In addition, OMT Focus uses an advanced methodology that generates precise, national-level projections, validated against actual sales data. As a result, companies can be confident in their sales forecasts and marketing decisions, as well as negotiate more effectively with payers.

Multi-country coverage provides a total view of a company’s own and competitive performance, in any market it selects, across the US, Asia-Pacific and key European countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. A country-specific design yields reliable assessments of diverse treatment approaches across different healthcare systems. In addition, internationally comparable information supports accurate, insightful cross-country analyses.

“To create OMT Focus, we spoke to the industry about what was missing in other oncology offerings—and then crafted our solution to fill those critical gaps,” says Michel Murino, MD, Managing Director of TNS Healthcare in France, and TNS Oncology Leader. “Oncology marketers identified today’s fragmented oncology market as a critical challenge—and pointed out that other services lack sufficient detail on rare indications. In fact, sometimes even large indications are not covered with enough depth to provide the precise measures today’s specialized market demands.

“We designed OMT Focus to meet this need for greater detail. It allows companies to ‘zoom in’ on the exact markets that are important to them—even the most narrow—for a complete look at segments, indications and treatment regimens. OMT Focus delivers a full view of both treated and untreated patients for the most powerful and actionable analyses—right down to the most specific sub-segment.”

TNS Healthcare’s Oncology Center of Excellence
OMT Focus™ and all of TNS Healthcare’s oncology services are backed by its International Oncology Center in Paris. Staffed by an international team with more than two decades of oncology research experience across the US, Europe and Asia, the TNS Oncology Center provides clients around with world with complete research, analytical, technical and programming support. In addition, TNS experts consult regularly with oncology leaders from across the globe to ensure the insights they deliver remain fresh, compelling and actionable for their clients in every market.

TNS Oncology 360oTM: An Integrated Suite of Oncology Solutions
OMT Focus is the latest offering in TNS Healthcare’s Oncology 360O portfolio—an integrated suite of oncology-specific solutions, designed to help companies meet the full range of brand, marketing, messaging and sales performance challenges unique to the oncology market. Other tools in the Oncology 360O suite include:

• Brand Performance Optimization™ (BPO™): A brand management framework that provides a blueprint for building oncology brand commitment—proven to predict prescribing, protect share and prevent switching. The only “single source” for measuring, managing and monitoring all the performance parameters critical to oncology brand success, BPO integrates brand equity and market equity factors for a full diagnostic view.

• Sales Performance Optimization™ (SPO™): A performance improvement solution that guides companies in creating the optimal experience mix to drive commitment, share, and prescribing. SPO helps companies re-invent their oncology sales strategies, revealing the most effective combination of sales and service activities to maximize results.

• DetailMed™: A continuously tracked assessment of physician/rep engagements, including call quality vs. competitors, share of voice, message recall and effectiveness, and call impact on brand commitment and prescribing intent. DetailMed offers the most complete measure of call and message effectiveness across countries, competitors and brands.

• MessageEval™: A message testing system that quickly evaluates up to 200 message elements—in real-world “bundles”—including text, graphics and sound. MessageEval reveals the most motivating messages for every oncology audience, globally and locally, for the most effective presentation of clinical trial results.

In addition, TNS Healthcare offers oncology-specific qualitative solutions, designed to help marketers understand market dynamics and create the most effective positioning and communications strategies.

“Our research shows that, with today’s increased competition, emotional factors and brand image are playing a major role in physicians’ prescribing decisions,” says Murino. “In this way, cancer is becoming more similar to other therapy areas, in which brand equity and sales performance are critical success drivers. Therefore, in addition to services like OMT Focus, we are offering a range of innovative methodologies to help oncology marketers understand physician and patient perceptions—and make more effective brand, sales and messaging decisions.”

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