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Is Green The New Pink? PDF Print E-mail
Written by MarketReaderPro   
02 Mar 2009

Consumers Rate the Importance of “Green” Aspects of Health and Beauty Products

Everything from gasoline to household cleaners seems to be going “green” lately.

But, what really matters to consumers?

We asked 1,500 women about some of their more personal purchases — health
and beauty products — and how important it is for these items to be natural or “green.”

We asked women to rate how important natural ingredients are in various types of health and beauty products.

We also asked them to rate how important various aspects of “being green” are to them in regards to their health and beauty purchases.

Here’s what we found:
“Natural” ingredients were rated as “very”or “somewhat” important by more than 50% of women in every
category we asked them about.

• 18-24 year olds are less likely than others to want natural ingredients in body lotions or creams; lip color; and,
shampoos or conditioners. They are more likely to look for natural ingredients in foundation, blush, or bronzer.

• 35 to 44 year olds and 55-64 year olds are more likely than others to look for natural ingredients in sunscreens.

• 55-64 year olds are also more likely than others to want natural ingredients in dental products and lip colors

• Over 50% of survey respondents rated all categories as “very” or “somewhat” important.

• At the “very important” level, “not tested on animals ” and “hypoallergenic ingredients” influence purchase decisions of more than half of the respondents, with 58% and 53% respectively.

• “Green packaging” and “organic ingredients” were rated as least impactful on purchase decisions, being “very important” to 22% and 19% of respondents, respectively.

Feb 2009
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