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Muslims ?take pride? in British way of life PDF Print E-mail
Written by MORI   
13 Aug 2005
Britons endorse multi-cultural society - as British Muslims say immigrants should ‘integrate fully’

Most BRITISH Muslims support British laws and culture, and do not believe Islam is incompatible with British democracy, according to new research from MORI.
The survey, for the BBC, shows the views of British Muslims are largely in line with other members of the British public. In fact, in some areas Muslims more strongly advocate integration than non-Muslims. They are more likely than British people to demand that Muslim clerics preach in English, for example, and that immigrants be made to learn English.
Ben Page, Director of the MORI Social Research Institute, said: “This survey shows, quite clearly, that there is far more that unites the British people than divides them. Only a minority feel that Islam is incompatible with British culture, and most British Muslims feel immigrants should be made to integrate fully into British society.
“When it comes to British sporting achievement, for instance, Muslims are as likely to say they feel proud of international success as other members of the British public.”
The survey shows that 62% of British people – and 82% of Muslims in Britain – agree with the statement: “Multiculturalism makes Britain a better place to live”. When asked if the policy of multiculturalism is a mistake that should be abandoned, 68% of people (74% Muslims) disagreed.
When asked if they felt proud by British sport teams doing well in international events, 90% of Britons (88% Muslims) say they do.
On the topic of immigrants coming to Britain, 82% (90% Muslims) say they should be made to learn English, 73% (76% Muslims) say they should pledge their primary loyalty to Britain, 73% (69% Muslims) say they should integrate fully into British society and 96% (95% Muslims) say they should accept the rights of woman as equal citizens.
Half of British people (49%) and two-thirds of British Muslims (66%) do not think that Islam is incompatible with the values of British democracy.
Significant differences appear, however, on issues related to the Government’s response to the threat of international terrorism – 60% of British Muslims say it is unacceptable to detain suspected terrorists without trail, compared to 36% of the public. Almost three quarters of British Muslims (72%) say it is unacceptable to stop and search people on the basis of their race, compared with two thirds (65%) of the public.

Technical Details: MORI interviewed a nationally representative sample of 1,004 GB adults aged 16+ by telephone. Data are weighted to reflect the population profile. In addition, 204 booster interviews were conducted among Muslims. 112 interviews were conducted with Muslims who had agreed to be re-contacted in previous representative surveys. The remaining 92 interviews were conducted using Random Digit Dialling in 27 local authority areas in groups of wards with over 10% Muslim residents according to the UK census. These data are weighted to reflect the overall Muslim population profile. All interviews were conducted on 8th-9th August 2005.
Last Updated ( 13 Aug 2005 )
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