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Optaumum Launches PDF Print E-mail
Written by Optaumum   
01 May 2009
Two leading marketing analysts have launched Optaumum LLP – a new marketing and data analytics consultancy with a focus on the interaction of digital advertising with traditional forms of marketing communication.

The pair recently stepped down as Managing Partners at ohal, Europe’s top marketing response consultants, to form the new independent partnership.

The business will offer a wide range of high quality analytical services, with a clear focus on digital and customer marketing, geared to answering the key accountability questions facing marketers today.

The partners build on over three decades of experience having worked across most industry sectors in over 20 countries to deliver impartial actionable results, enabling marketers to make decisions based on robust statistical analysis.

Founding partner of Optaumum, Bryan Smith, said:
“Marketing analytics in the UK has so far lacked focus in offering market decision-makers a direct solution to questions regarding the most appropriate level of online and offline spend for their brands. At Optaumum, one of our key areas of expertise is to answer just this question through establishing the value that offline spend contributes to both the offline and online response for brands.”

About Optaumum.

Optaumum LLP is an independent marketing and data analytics consultancy specialising in optimising the return on investment of marketing activities.

Bringing over 30 years experience in the industry, this wealth of knowledge is transferred to meet clients’ individual needs and generate actionable decisions for future decision making.

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London - March 2009
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