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Home arrow Marketing Research News arrow Company News and Announcements January-June 2009 arrow World's Leading Qualitative Data Analysis Software Launched In French And German
World's Leading Qualitative Data Analysis Software Launched In French And German PDF Print E-mail
Written by QSR International   
06 May 2009

French and German versions of the world's leading qualitative data analysis software, NVivo 8, were launched globally today.

The releases, by developer QSR International, give French and German speaking users access to NVivo's powerful multimedia analysis tools for the first time.

The software is already used by academic, government and commercial organizations in more than 90 countries.

QSR International CEO John Owen said that while NVivo has always been able to work with data in any language, until now its interface has only been available in English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Japanese.

He predicted the addition of the French and German language options would lead to greater collaboration.
“For those using NVivo 8 software to manage global projects, it means they can work in their own language but use the same methodology and process as their overseas colleagues. It allows the world’s best minds to work together, whether they're pursuing important health or social research, undertaking content analysis or evaluation, or extracting business intelligence,” he said.

NVivo 8 allows users to import and analyze video, audio, images and documents side-by-side.

The software can be used to test out theories, identify trends and cross-examine information.

Professional models and charts can be created, and NVivo project files and results can be shared via mini websites – even with those who don’t have NVivo.

The software can also identify the work of individual team members even after separate projects are merged.

Mr. Owen said all of NVivo 8’s functionality will be available to French and German speaking users and they will be able to switch seamlessly between French, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and English interfaces and support materials at any time, without affecting their projects.

Québec researcher Sylvain Bourdon, of the Université de Sherbrooke, predicts the move will deliver greater insight for his French speaking colleagues.

"I have been using QSR software for 15 years and have watched it become more powerful, yet more convivial and easier to use. The new localized versions are taking this another step ahead and will make NVivo easier to teach, learn and use in French and other non-English languages. Not having to sidetrack into another language to interact with the software during the analysis process is bound to free up the cognitive and intuitive processes that can be reinvested in smoother and more creative interpretations."

Montréal social science researcher and consultant, Didier Dupont agrees.
“While the English interface appears familiar at first sight…file, edit, view…the process of querying and analyzing information is delicate and subjective. The French version of NVivo will allow researchers to analyze their materials with confidence, precision and rigor," he said.
NVivo software is used in analysis projects around the world and has wide ranging applications across virtually every field, including academia, evaluation, social science, market research, sports and medicine.

Users include the Chronic Poverty Research Centre, Progressive Sports Technologies, Children’s Hospital Boston, Policy Studies Institute (UK), Country Fire Authority (Australia), Universität Münster, the GRACC-CeRIES at the Université Lille 3, and virtually every major university in the United States, Europe, and Australasia.

Researchers such as German born Dr. Bettina van Hoven – who is now based in the Netherlands at the University of Groningen have welcomed the move.

"It's always an advantage to be able to work in your own language. For German researchers, the release will give them access to leading functionality, including the ability to manage projects across teams in Germany and around the world," she said.

French born research fellow, Dr. Christel McMullan, of Queen's University Management School in Northern Ireland, agrees.
"Conducting data analysis in my native language, French, will be easier and more practical. It will also be a great opportunity to help French academics to network and develop their research more easily."

The French and German translations are part of QSR International’s strategy to make qualitative data analysis software available to non-English speaking researchers worldwide.

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