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The Pizza Paradox PDF Print E-mail
Written by Synovate   
10 Jun 2009

Tucking into tacos, nibbling on nuggets and chowing-down on chips. More than a third of all respondents across the 12 markets surveyed say they like fast food too much to give it up.

But many of these people seem to make themselves feel better by paying for their actions in other ways, with 37% saying they exercise in order to compensate for other bad habits.

Steve Garton, Executive Director - Media for Synovate says:
"These attitudes may not make complete sense, but when it comes to food, health and weight management, people are inherently contradictory."

"We did the same survey in late 2007 and it seems people are no less confused about food now than they were then. Not only do people's attitudes and behaviours conflict across cultures, they also differ within individuals."

Indeed, the attitudinal questions posed by the survey were the clincher in realising just how mixed up people can be about food. An overall 55% agreed that they eat what they want, when they want. Yet 71% watch their food carefully and strive to be healthy.

"It all comes back to whether we think of food as pleasure or food as fuel... and it seems that most people vacillate between the two."

May 2009

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