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Lightspeed Research Launches Sample De-duplication Solution PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lightspeed Research   
15 Jun 2009
Machine ID is the Latest Component in Lightspeed Research’s Data Quality Arsenal

Lightspeed Research, a leading global online research provider, has announced the launch of a sample de-duplication solution.

Using Machine ID, Lightspeed Research disallows respondents to retake a survey from the same computer either through multiple panel sources or attempts to “game the system” by using multiple identities.

Machine ID is a calculated alphanumeric string based on more than 25 data points identified by Lightspeed Research’s technology systems and is executed in the survey environment in real time.

Machine ID is currently available on Lightspeed Research’s North American panels and key panel partner samples. Plans are underway to launch it across our European and Asia Pacific panels throughout 2009.

Machine ID is the third component in Lightspeed Research’s Data Quality Program, which introduces leading business practices that also adhere to defined consumer privacy principles.

Earlier this year, Lightspeed Research launched Lightspeed RealRespondents and Lightspeed RealResults.

Lightspeed RealRespondents is a real-time verification process that identifies and prevents fraudulent applicants from joining Lightspeed Research’s global proprietary consumer panels.

Each applicant must pass through a series of real-time checkpoints during the online registration process. If he or she fails any of the checks, the applicant is unable to join the panel and cannot participate in Lightspeed Research surveys.

Lightspeed RealRespondents checkpoints include:

- Proxy Detection - Detects if a proxy server is used to mask the registrant’s true IP address and past fraudulent activity

- IP GeoFencing - Locates the registrant’s country location through his / her IP address and determines their eligibility for registration based on country-specific rules

- CAPTCHA - Prevents automated programmes from joining our site through a challenge response test

- Email Address Verification - Queries our database to ensure the email address is unique (all registrants must verify their email address through a double opt-in registration process)

- Postal Address Verification - Verifies the registrant’s postal address and zip / postal codes against a current country-specific address directory Lightspeed RealResults leverages both Lightspeed Research’s technology and survey quality management expertise to identify and remove poor survey data through a series of quality checks. Respondents who do not participate in a survey to the best of their abilities are identified and all survey answers they provide are removed from the final data set.

Their actions are then reviewed for potential removal from the panel.

Lightspeed RealResults employs the following automatic quality checks:
- Respondent Engagement - At the beginning of surveys respondents must agree to provide honest, thoughtful answers to each question

- Trap Questions - Survey questions with obvious answers can determine whether a respondent is fully engaged with the survey

- Survey Speedsters - Respondents who rush through the survey are identified by comparing survey completion times to the norm

- Grid Speedsters - Respondents who rush through grid questions are identified by comparing grid completion times to the norm

- Respondent Satisfaction - Feedback from respondents is gathered and assessed to help determine the quality of the survey

“Panel and data quality have always been a primary focus of Lightspeed Research,” said Lightspeed Research President and Group CEO Anne Hedde. “We have developed sophisticated capabilities that incorporate third-party real-time validation services bundled with our proprietary technology and business rules.”

“Given the Internet’s built-in anonymity and the ability it provides for users to execute transactions anywhere, it can be difficult to authenticate the identity of a panelist.” said Hedde. “Not only do our tools allow us to verify legitimate panelists during registration, but they also provide us data over time that will help us identify patterns associated with fraudulent activity.”

“The release of Machine ID, along with Lightspeed RealRedpondents and Lightspeed RealResults programmes, further strengthens our already substantial panel offering and continues to demonstrate our commitment to providing clients with the highest quality survey respondents. Our quality programmes are consistently optimized to directly address established and emerging panel quality threats. We will continue to develop new quality methodologies to provide our clients with the highest panel and data quality in the industry.”

About Lightspeed Research
Through proprietary global panels and research products and services, Lightspeed Research delivers valuable data to help businesses make informed decisions.

From recruitment, to activity level, to ongoing profiling, Lightspeed Research’s panels are actively managed to provide engaged survey respondents and support studies that range in scope and complexity across industry sectors.

Deeply profiled specialty panels including automotive, B2B, beverage, family and household, finance, health and wellness, media consumption, mobile phone, beauty and personal care, sports and hobbies, and travel and leisure, provide quick access to target audiences.

As a quality leader, Lightspeed Research has implemented extensive measures to prevent fraudulent panel registrations and poor survey data.

Lightspeed Research is part of Kantar, the information, insight and consultancy division of WPP (NASDAQ: WPPGY), one of the world's leading communications services companies.

For more information, please visit
or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

London 29th May 2009

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