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B2B International Develops Impressive Tool To Track Brands PDF Print E-mail
Written by B2B International   
16 Jul 2009

Specialist business-to-business market research consultancy B2B International keeps track of trends by developing own software

Research companies by their very nature deal with statistics and trends; these need monitoring and comparing.  With such a potentially formidable task in mind, B2B International has developed an aid for the processing of data generated by tracking projects.

Using sophisticated tabulation scripts developed in-house, B2B International now boasts an efficient, accurate and flexible tool for maintaining and tabulating data from tracking projects.

This tool also allows for more freedom to develop a questionnaire as the tracking project continues, and any concerns about changing code lists or data maps from a data processing perspective have been removed.
B2B International carries out a large number of projects which track indicators such as industry trends and customer satisfaction over time.  

To process the data which is generated requires mapping many sets of data together to allow for easy comparisons between waves.  

B2B’s experience of such projects is extensive, having managed relatively small-scale studies through to vast tracking projects combining, for example, dozens of waves of data from a number of different questionnaires fielded over five or more years.  

What with changing data locations, constantly changing code lists and evolving client requirements, the prospect of data processing on such projects can be a daunting one.

Developing tools such as this in-house means that B2B International can, over time, continue to develop them to suit their own needs and the needs of their clients.  

The development of this tracking tool is one of many in B2B’s data processing and data collection capabilities.  

As an additional deliverable, clients’ data can also be exported to Reflect.  

Reflect is an easy-to-use tool which allows clients to analyse their own data across all waves by running their own crosstabs, exporting to SPSS, SAS or Excel.

Recently changing CATI and E-Survey software provider to Confirmit, plus developing their own aids to data processing, underline B2B International’s commitment to constantly looking for improvements in efficiency when handling market research data.

David Ward, B2B International’s Head of Data Processing, says:

“it is a brilliant data processing tool.  Traditional ways of tracking are very complicated and can be open to error whereas this new tool simplifies the handling of masses of data and facilitates its interpretation.”

About B2B International
B2B International is a specialist business-to-business market research agency providing individually-tailored market research services to a broad range of clients.

B2B International’s specialisation is borne out of 30 years’ experience in b2b market research.

From its European headquarters in the UK, its Asian base in China and its office in the USA, B2B International’s wealth of industry expertise means that it has managed over 1,000 custom-designed market research projects covering all different industry sectors throughout the world.

B2B International helps clients enter a new market, build their position in a market, create a new brand, find out how satisfied customers or employees are, target markets more efficiently, develop a new product, or test the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.  

Highly skilled in data collection, analysis and reporting, B2B International prides itself on turning the information it gathers into clear, actionable findings, providing insights that will add value to any business.

July 2009

Last Updated ( 16 Jul 2009 )
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