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FutureThinkerô PANEL PDF Print E-mail
Written by TPSi   
24 Aug 2009
THE PLANNING SHOP international Launches FutureThinker™ PANEL: fast-tracking access to the market shapers of the future

TPSi continues to innovate its market research product portfolio with the launch of FutureThinker™ PANEL, an online tool that allows pharmaceutical companies to contact the people who will most influence their brand, at an affordable cost.

In the pharmaceutical world, change is often driven initially by a very small group of Key Opinion Leaders.  In order for a brand or idea to gain momentum, these changes must be picked up by the ‘Future Thinkers’ in the clinician population.

The FutureThinker™ PANEL now offers easy access to a 1000 such clinicians in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, and is available in 8 specialty areas and 22 indications.

FutureThinker™ PANEL builds on the success of the FutureThinker™ identification tool used by TPSi to help clients understand where their market is going.

Originally based on innovative work carried out in consumer New Product Development, TPSi worked with a leading psychologist to design a psycho-profiling tool that was specifically geared towards clinicians.

Executives are now working with one of the largest pharmaceutical database suppliers to expand the online panel.

Kim Hughes, Managing Director of TPSi explains

“The FutureThinker™ PANEL is an exciting initiative that will allow pharmaceutical companies to develop strategy and prioritise tactics based on the feedback of these highly influential opinion formers”.

For more information, please contact Kim Hughes at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Last Updated ( 24 Aug 2009 )
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