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If Not Revolution, Certainly Evolution PDF Print E-mail
Written by Synovate   
09 Nov 2009

Much of the news about the recession, global financial crisis, credit crunch (call it what you will!) has been about big structural changes at big financial institutions.

But what are the 'little guys' changing? We asked.

Here are some fast facts on quick consumer changes:

An overall 6% of respondents across 16 markets say they have changed their bank in the past six months. This was led by 15% in South Africa, 11% in Spain and 10% in New Zealand.

Seven percent have taken money out of the stock market or sold shares, topped by 17% in Taiwan, 14% in Hong Kong and 13% in Spain.

Similarly, 7% have switched to safer investments, led by 13% in Taiwan and 12% in each of Spain and South Africa.

One in twenty respondents has taken money out of retirement accounts, topped by 24% in Denmark.

An overall 13% have increased their amounts of emergency reserves, led by 28% in Malaysia, 23% in South Africa and 20% in Spain.

Of course some people have had to dip in too...
11% have decreased their amounts of emergency reserves, topped by one in three Brazilian respondents and a quarter in New Zealand.

One in ten has closed a credit card account, led by 21% in Brazil, 17% in South Africa and 16% in the United Kingdom.

Seven percent have opened a credit card account, topped by 11% in each of Brazil and Canada

Eight percent have made a late credit card payment, led by Brazil at 26%, New Zealand at 23% and South Africa at 20%.

A hefty 22% of all respondents have written or revised their budgets, topped by more than half of South Africans (52%), 43% of Brazilians and 41% in New Zealand.

Nine percent say they have lost their jobs in the past six months, led by 23% of Brazilians, 21% of South Africans and 15% of New Zealanders.

But not everyone has had to change.
An overall four in ten have maintained status quo on all of these possible actions.

Least likely to have changed anything were people in Hong Kong (56%), Indians (55%) and the French (51%).

For more information about the financial actions of consumers in your market(s) of interest, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

You will be put in touch with someone from your part of the world.

October 2009

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