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Home arrow Marketing Research News arrow Company News And Announcements July-December 2009 arrow FreshMinds Research Launches New Suite Of Social Media Monitoring Services
FreshMinds Research Launches New Suite Of Social Media Monitoring Services PDF Print E-mail
Written by FreshMinds   
09 Nov 2009
FreshMinds Research  today launches a suite of social media monitoring services.  

This new offering will enable clients to measure the impact of social media and gain insight into how and why consumer conversations on the web are shaping their brand both on and offline.  

This is the latest in a series of developments which sees FreshMinds Research broadening its online research offering. 

FreshMinds’ online buzz tracking capabilities are designed to feed into brands’ ongoing social media strategies.  Clients will be able to track the quantity, content and sentiment of online buzz around their brand and map the success of their online marketing initiatives to help inform future campaigns.  

FreshMinds Research uses a variety of best of breed technologies and then combines these with their award-winning analysis skills. 

By mining blogs, forums, news sites, social networks and micro-blogging sites such as Twitter, FreshMinds Research offers data about a brand’s online performance and reputation together with insights into what that data means.  

FreshMinds Research will identify the key groups and individuals who are influencing opinion online and use robust analysis tools to mine these conversations for business insights.  FreshMinds Research will go beyond simply providing data for clients to interpret by providing brands with practical solutions for developing their social media strategies.

Companies wishing to gain an understanding of how social media is shaping their brand will be able to use FreshMinds’ Social Media Audit to understand online activity about their brand.  

This product offers clients the opportunity to get to grips with their brand’s online profile – each audit is tailored to the client’s requirements and can range from a quick snapshot to an in-depth multi-lingual market analysis.  

Clients will receive a detailed report containing profiles of the key groups who are driving discussions online about their brand and influencing opinions.

Clients seeking a more in-depth understanding can use FreshMinds’ Social Media Monitor to track sentiment over a longer period of time.  

This monthly tracker reveals who is talking about their brand, what consumers are saying and why these conversations matter. 

The tracker further enables brands to identify and react to hot topics that are being discussed by their consumers.  FreshMinds’ Social Media Monitor also enables clients to track the impact of product launches and marketing campaigns as well as monitor competitor activity.  

Buzz monitoring can be integrated with wider primary and secondary research projects to provide a more holistic view of brand performance. 

Where required, results will be benchmarked to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of a brand’s social media strategy and help map the market to show how it performs relative to its peers.

“Understanding how your brand is perceived online is now a major challenge for brand managers.  The challenge is not just to find out what’s being said, but understand how you can engage with key social media commentators to drive positive buzz around your brand.  FreshMinds’ Social Media Audit and FreshMinds’ Social Media Monitor are effective tools that enable marketers to get to grips with their brand’s reputation online and identify strategies that can be used to optimise their word of mouth strategies both on and offline.   

Unlike other providers, we firmly believe in delivering far more than just data think that this is undisputedly the most effective way to approach buzz tracking.  By combining cutting-edge analysis tools with clear fresh thinking, we uncover the story behind the data.  We’ve already helped clients such as The Co-operative, luxury travel providers and public sector organisations understand buzz around their brand online and are delighted to be able to extend our capabilities to the wider market,” said James Turner, Head of Research Communities and Panels, FreshMinds Research.  

About FreshMinds:

FreshMinds is one the UK’s leading research consultancies. A unique combination of market research and business research has helped the firm become the MRS UK Market Research Agency of the Year twice in a row.

In 2007 FreshMinds started to build and manage online communities for research, which are now managed via the FreshNetworks platform, and in 2008 the company won the £5M HBOS / Sunday Times London Entrepreneur Challenge.  

For more information please visit

London - 22nd October 2009


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