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Second Research Result of Asian Collaborative Report - Asian Dietary Habit PDF Print E-mail
Written by Research Panel   
04 Jan 2010

Research Panel INC.(Tokyo, Japan)has conducted the second research in the multi-country study service, entitled Dietary Habit of Asia. In recent years, Japan’s self-sufficiency in food is continuously trending downwards.

It is said that one of the major reason for this is, the diversifying of the country’s dietary habit particularly to the Western style, may have led to the lowering of the people’s consumption of Japan’s specialty --- rice.

According to MAFF(Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries of Japan)’s research on “Monthly consumption amount of rice per citizen”, the consumption per person of March, 2009 was 4,911g which is 0.6% increase compared to the same month of 2008.

However the overall trend is declining from the previous year, and we can see from the data that the consumption is actually decreasing. From our interest to this matter, the following is our report based on our latest research conducted.

- Out of the three choices “rice, bread, noodle” all four countries(Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan) chose “rice” the most as their favorite food and the one most consumed in the past week. Korea is consuming rice the most out of four, and Japan is consuming bread the most.

- Out of the three main meals in a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner), people tend to skip breakfast the most. The rate is highest in Korea and Japan comes after.

- The major reason why they like rice is “because we can feel satisfied”, “because we can eat with many types of side dishes”.

- The major reason why Japanese and Chinese like bread is “because we can enjoy many tastes”, Korean and Taiwanese is “because it doesn’t take time, fuss-free”.

- The major reason why Japanese and Taiwanese like noodles is “because there are many ways to cook--- frying, simmering, etc.”, Korean is “because it’s easy to eat”, and Chinese is “because the texture is good.”

-  Looking at the difference between weekdays and weekends, all four countries consume rice the most regardless of the day, and noodles tend to be consumed more in the weekends.

-  Regardless of season or climate, rice and bread is consumed any time of the year, but almost 40% of Koreans think noodles fit well to the summer season, and all 4 countries think it fits well to rainy days and cold days.

The result of this research ended up that Japanese like rice the best out of all three staple foods, and that they are actually consuming rice the most for all three meals of the day.

Furthermore, Chinese, Korean, and Taiwanese tend to like rice the most, and the consumption is relatively high as well.

However, when we look at the breakfast conditions, the consumption of bread is comparatively high, for example in Japan, the consumption rate of bread is only 3.1% lower than rice.

Seeing from the fact that the major reason people like bread is because they are “fuss-free”, “convenience” seems to be the key factor in all 4 countries.

About Research Panel

Since Research Panel was founded in 2005, they have been pursuing quality management and improvement of convenience of their proprietary panel of 1.3 million members in Japan, as developing their market reseach business among Japan.

Now, by offering their panel service to overseas clients and partnering with other global research companies, they are expanding their business aiming to be a world-wide online research company.

2nd December 2009

Last Updated ( 04 Jan 2010 )
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