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New AURA Chair Raises The Bar Again PDF Print E-mail
Written by Aura   
08 Jan 2010
Despite a great year Danny Russell is determined to do even better

The new chair of AURA is Danny Russell, Marketing Strategy Director at BSkyB.  

His previous roles at Boots, Kraft and British Airways means he has a wealth of experience in insight and is passionate about making sure that it is acted on and so delivers strategic value to the business.    

At the recent AURA AGM, another packed meeting saw Danny taking up the mantle of Chair from John Buckle of Alliance & Leicester who now moves to Vice Chair.

At the same time Monique Hellel, Head of Personal Customers Research at HSBC was unanimously voted to become Deputy Chair

Danny’s top priority is to maintain and further improve the increasingly high standards that AURA members have become used to lately. Members treasure the email network that means they can share ideas, thoughts and experiences in a secure environment.

This is set to improve further as it moves on to an online discussion forum. Member meetings (of which there are 6 per year) have recently been even more popular, still receiving strong satisfaction ratings.

They could cover anything relevant to the clientside world of insight - empassioned debates on NPS; best practice in getting insight actioned in the business; or even tailored training days.  

A recent training event was an Olivier Mythodrama day which used Shakespeare’s Henry V as a model for inspirational leadership.  

‘I never thought much of Shakespeare at school’ says Danny ‘ but I have to admit that the day really struck a chord with me.  It is too easy to fall into a style of leadership that is comfortable – but you need a balance.’

He is also looking to grow the number of companies which are members of AURA – currently at 140 organisations, encompassing over 300 members.  

He feels that there is plenty of scope for growth given the unique benefits available to clientside insight professionals.

Under Danny’s leadership AURA members can look forward to another year of valued membership.

About AURA:
AURA is the networking and best practice group for research and insight people that work in-house or clientside.

It has over 300 members covering over 140 organisations across all industry sectors. Its membership is estimated to directly control or influence about 30% of all UK research expenditure*. More details, are available on

Some AURA successes in 2009
•Membership has been maintained at around 300 people from 140 companies despite the credit crunch hitting insight budgets hard
•Strong lobbying was made of the MRS Standards Board on the proposed changes to the MRS Code of Conduct
•Meetings are getting ever more popular—with between 50 and 80 people at each one last year (between 20% and 100% up on last year) and ratings consistently above 4 out of 5
•Over 100 members have had free training days this Autumn
•Members are sharing best practice and using the email forum more—traffic is up 20% on the year before

*Source:- AURA Membership survey 2008 & industry sources

11 December 2009

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