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Dr Liz Nelson - “It’s Time To Rethink How We Fuse Results From Different Research Methodologies” PDF Print E-mail
Written by Globalpark   
11 Feb 2010
Research veteran will argue demographics are outdated for integrating research results at Globalpark’s Mobile Research Conference in March

Dr Liz Nelson is set to kick off a lively debate at this year’s Mobile Research Conference when she argues that the research industry needs to take a new approach to fusing mobile research findings with results from other methodologies.

Integrating results from multiple methodologies is not new, but for an emerging technique like mobile research it is essential that results be integrated with findings from other methodologies in order to broaden the application of the approach.  

Liz Nelson will argue that researchers should go beyond simply matching results from the same respondents across multiple platforms and instead identify and integrate responses from similar respondents.

She believes the way to do this can often only be on the basis of values.  

It is values, which are constant and unchangeable, that should form the dividing lines for such exercises rather than demographics.  

Liz will argue researchers must connect with respondents and understand their deeply held attitudes and beliefs to do this rather than relying on demographics, a practice which she believes is now both outdated and lacking in sophistication.

This radical view of how we segment respondents and fuse data is set to cause a stir in the research industry and has far reaching implications for researchers worldwide.

Liz will be joined by leading academics and researchers include Scott Dodgson from Skopos, Maria Callegaro form Google and Marek Fuchs from the University of Kassel to debate how to integrate mobile research findings with other methodologies.

The debate is expected to be highly contentious as research practitioners and academic figures come together to debate the implications for the mobile research platform and research in general.

To join the debate and have your say about this controversial topic, register for the Mobile Research Conference at

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London - 21st January 2010

Last Updated ( 25 Feb 2010 )
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