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MDLinx Offers Specialty Physician Omnibus Surveys Across the Top 7 Global Pharmaceutical Markets PDF Print E-mail
Written by Karie Eastburn   
16 Feb 2010

MDLinx, a division of M3 USA, announced today a new Omnibus offering for international pharmaceutical market research.

The new offering, launched at the Pharmaceutical Market Research Conference, enables market researchers a new, simplified, reduced-cost means of accessing specialty physicians around the world.

Eight Omnibus products are offered in the most difficult to reach specialties including Oncology (Oncobus), Rheumatology (Rheumbus), Psychiatry (Psychbus), Neurology (Neurobus), Endocrinology (Endobus), Cardiology (Cardiobus), Infectious Disease (IDbus) and General Medicine (GPbus).  

The omnibus surveys are run monthly and pool together questions from participating research companies. The pooled approach means researchers can access physicians at lower cost and higher frequency.

Companies participating in the Omnibus can ask as few as three questions.  Pharmaceutical companies can now efficiently and quickly access 350 specialty physician responses from around the world including the USA, Japan, Germany, France, UK, Spain, and Italy.  

All of the physician respondents are from MDLinx’s MRA Verified worldwide panel – the largest verified healthcare professional panel in the world.  

“Now clients can access the hardest to reach specialists across the top 7 markets in the world and get answers to their questions in about 1 week,” said William Hoover, Director of Market Research.  

“Our unsurpassed reach and exclusive deep relationships with physician specialists in the USA, EU, and Japan allow us to be the only company to offer a monthly worldwide omnibus in these specialties.”  

MDLinx distributes over 1,000,000 newsletter briefings a day to physicians around the world, detailing them on the day’s medical literature in their specialty and subspecialty.  

“Market researchers are under two pressures in today’s economic environment,” said Craig Overpeck, CTO, “they need to access specialists in all top markets quickly to explore demand and they need to do it without increasing their budgets. 

Rapid, low-cost access to specialists in the 7 top markets simultaneously was unthinkable - until now.”  

Companies who wish to participate in an Omnibus simply send MDLinx their questions, in English, by the first business day of the month. MDLinx translates the questions into the physician’s native language, fields the survey, and returns the answers in about one week.  

Each specialty omnibus offers a low, fixed-cost per question with discounts for routine or bulk orders.

Order forms and more information can be found at

About MDLinx

MDLinx founded in 1999, is a division of M3 USA owned by Nikkei listed M3 (TYO:2413).  

It is the largest specialty physician community in the USA and in conjunction with its parent company in Japan and its subsidiaries in Germany and South Korea it is the largest worldwide physician community.

M3 USA offers the pharmaceutical industry targeted physician Messages™, newsletter sponsorship, content licensing, in addition to the MRA Verified quality healthcare professional panel for medical market research from MDLinx.

For more information, visit

Parsippany, NJ - 1 February 2010

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